Polish all your shoes? Never step out the door without your footwear sparkling?

Keep a dish of old fashioned-cellophane wrapped candies on your coffee table?

Wear a sophisticated nude lip this week? With a subtle smokey eye?

Dab a little vanilla essence on a clean cloth and dust your shelves with it? Leave your home smelling like cake?

Dunk something in something else? A chocolate biscuit in your tea? A chunk of bread in your soup? A cracker into sour cream dip?

Eat kids food? Chicken nuggets? Cocktail frankfurts? Pop rocks?

Wear feathers? In your hair? As earrings? Hanging from a chain around your neck?

Have an in-between appointments visit with your hairdresser? Just for a deep conditioning treatment and a professional blow dry?

Make a spring wish list of things to do when the weather gets warmer? Have a night time picnic? Play football in the park? Go bike riding?

Plant herbs in anything pot plants? Old shoes? Milk cartons? Vases? Tea cups?

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