* Long sleeved black top from Miss Shop * Wrap cardigan from Metalicus * Hand me down skirt from a stylish friend (xox) * Boots from Redpaths in Canberra * Tights from Big W * Mr Smaggle’s scarf * Glasses from Specsavers (Oh and the glasses are real, I wear them for working on the computer.)* 

How To Wear A High Waisted Skirt

It’s All About Balance

Make sure that you balance your figure. A high waisted skirt is going to draw you in at the waist, making big hips look huge and broad shoulders look giant. I have man shoulders so I’ve chosen a slim line skirt with a ruffle hem to create volume in the slimmest part of my body – my lower legs. Without the ruffle, this look would be too top heavy, especially with the chunky scarf. It’s all about the balance. 

Rock Your Bod

High waisted skirts are not the most forgiving of clothing items so you really need to own your figure if you want to wear one. Your gorgeous flat little bottom, your delicious child bearing hips or your bite worthy bodacious thighs will all be magnified in a slim fit skirt. There’s nothing more beautiful than a sizable rump or a pair of long stick insect legs in a fitted skirt but you have really rock it or you’ll just look uncomfortable. 

Break Up The Waist Line

I usually like to break up the waist line of any outfit with a tie belt or wrap cardigan. It cuts off the unflattering horizontal line right around my midsection and creates a softer look. This works with knotted belts, fabric obi belts and soft waist ties too.

This outfit was worn for a day of writing, rehearsing and a sneaky late night glass of red wine.

Are you a fan of the old high waisted skirt? How do you wear yours?