* Leather maxi thrifted in New York * Grey singlet top from Supre * Long sleeved t-shirt from Coles * Mr Smaggle’s scarf * Ballet flats from Trenery * Sunglasses from Myer * Earrings from India *

Dress It Down

I love this skirt but I’ve realised that it looks much better dressed down than up. If I wear it with heels and a fancy top I look like a Tim Burton nightmare. It always looks better with a simple tee and ballet flats.

Let It Shine

I try not to wear too much other leather when wearing this skirt, simply because it’s such a big piece. By all means carry your leather boho bag but best leave the leather jacket at home.

Lighten It Up

As much as I adore black, if I wear a solid black top with this skirt I look like an airport runway. Lighten up large blocks of dark leather with crisp white or cream.

This outfit was worn for a day of writing and a belated birthday lunch with my man.