* Dress from Sportscraft * Toms Shoes from eBay  * Fiorelli sunglasses from Myer *


Kenneth Jay Lane tiger bangle * Medalian bracelet from Mama Smaggle


Buy a Funky Colour 

My first pair of Toms shoes were grey and they always looked a bit like I was trying to make people not notice that I was wearing glorified sneakers. Those Toms died in the New York Hurricane of 2011 and I promptly replaced them with red ones and it was an excellent choice. When I wear red casual shoes, it looks like I’m doing it on purpose, you know?

Dress Up… But Not Too Much

I always prefer to be overdressed than underdressed. My  philosophy is that if you rock up to a party and you’re way overdressed what’s the worst that could happen? You look the most fabulous? It’s on that note that I always dress up a little when I wear casual shoes. This dress has a gold visible zip so I blinged up the sporty look with a few gold bangles. You see what I did there? Just jazz it up a little. I’d probably draw the line at a ball gown though, but if it feels good, go for it.

Own It

I’ve read countless blogs that bag Toms shoes and say they’re ugly but you know what? I like them. I think they’re well designed, inoffensive and a really nice casual starter shoe for those of us who usually live in heels and very fancy ballet flats. 

Oh and please excuse my pasty pins. They’ve been encased in 100 denier tights since April and I also don’t really like sun very much and that’s why you can almost see my insides through my skin. Tasty.

This outfit was worn for lots of city walking, writing, a few meetings and couple of hours of teaching. 

 What type of footwear do you wear every day to work? Heels? Flats? Crocs?

*Dress was purchased with a voucher that was gifted to me by Sportscraft.