Waaaay back when I first started blogging I only read about three or four blogs regularly because believe it or not, there just weren’t that many bloggers. I read Susie Bubble, Fat Mum Slim, Style Bytes (sadly she stopped blogging many years ago but you can still get her content from April 2007 backwards on her blog) and Gala Darling. I discovered Gala one day when I was working full time at the University of Canberra. She was this nutty chick who took pictures of herself in her apartment in Melbourne and wrote these rad articles about fashion and self esteem. Her hair colour would change every few weeks and sometimes she’d wear two different coloured shoes. She started linking to one of her online pals Nubby Twiglet and I soon added her mono-chromatically awesome design blog to my list of daily reads. I bought one of her famous ballet slipper singlets and wore it until it fell apart. In recent years, Gala has moved to New York, Nubby remains in Portland and they’ve teamed with another fabulous blogger Kat from RocknRoll Bride. Together the three of them run a blogging school called The Blogcademy. They’re coming to Melbourne in November and the three Headmistresses offer a scholarship to each class. To apply, I need to post on my blog saying why I should win the scholarship. I’m Australian and we don’t really like to talk about how awesome we are, so I’ve decided to do a little a photo journal instead. I’m actually in Thailand on holiday as I type this so I present to you Bunny Ears in Thailand For The Blogcademy. (The Headmistresses wear bunny ears to teach their Blogcademy classes. It’s totally relevant. I promise.)



Bunny ears by the river in Chiang Mai after played with kittens and shopped in a Thai antique store.



Bunny ears on the train to Kanchanaburri from Bangkok after a monk blessed us on the train and we ate tiny mango train treats.



Bunny ears at a resort in Kanchannaburri before climbing to the very top of the Erawan waterfalls causing serious walking difficulties for days afterwards.



Bunny ears at the night markets in Chiang Mai where we bought silk scarves and drank Singha.



Bunny ears on a bridge in Chiang Mai after we walked the whole perimeter of the ancient inner city.

 I’d love to hang with these cool chicks and pick their brains about the business of blogging… and have major Virg-asms with Nubby and Gala. I also just love hanging out with other bloggers at conferences. Blogging is so isolating and it’s always wonderful to be around like minded people and fan girl out together over our favourite bloggers.

Is there anyone really niche that you’d love to meet? An obscure sci-fi writer? An elite athlete of a sport you played when you were a kid? Joey from Degrassi High?