WARNING: This post contains heaps of scary shit so you should probably get yourself a watching buddy.

9 of The Scariest Movie Moments in History

Paranormal Activity

That horrifying moment when an invisible force crawls up underneath the sheets and then promptly disappears… and comes back and drags Katie out of bed and down the hall way. Literally the stuff of nightmares.


That terrifying isolation you feel when you’ve been trapped in the world of the Hess family and you’ve got no idea what strange things are going on in the world… until they finally get a weak television signal.


When Drew Barrymore dies. If Drew Barrymore isn’t safe, no one is.

Pan’s Labyrinth

The Pale Man scene. Skip to 2.15 but make sure your watching buddy is still with you.

What Lies Beneath

There’s a special kind of terror reserved for water ghosts.

The Others

Are you mad? I am your daughter! SHUDDER!

The Exorcist 

The head spinning? Meh. Spider walk? Holy crap-in-my-pants.

The Ring

I don’t think anyone ever fully recovered from watching this scene.

The Shining

There’s a variety of different scary-as-shit moments in The Shining but RedRum is burnt into the memories of every child of the 80s.

What are your most terrifying movie moments?

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