I’ve always avoided wearing horizontal stripes because I read in Vogue when I was 12 that they make you look super wide. Now that I’m a grown up I have a care factor of zero, I’ll wear whatever the damn hell I like. However I do still want to look my best so here’s a few tricks that I keep in mind when rocking the stripes so I don’t draw too much attention to my money maker. 


Dress from ASOS * Cardigan from Country Road * Shoes from Melissa * Bag from New York * Bangles from Vietnam and India * Silver bracelets gifts from Mama Smaggle * Necklace from my grandfather * Ship ring from William Griffiths * Earrings and turquoise ring from Thailand

How to Rock Horizontal Stripes When You Have Junk in Your Trunk

Make Your Stripes Bold

If you make your horizontal stripes high contrast and bold, there’s so much going on that no one will notice that your butt looks a little wider than usual.

Wear Your Stripes With Heels

The ultimate visual slimmer. A pair of high heels will make your legs appear slimmer and more toned. They’ll also lift your butt and make your stripes work that ass. 

Go Loose

I purposefully ordered this dress a size too large because there’s nothing more unflattering than too tight stripes all stretched and distorted over an ample derrier. Do as the French do and size up. It’s a classy, comfy and flattering way to buy your clothing, especially when stripes are involved.

Give Zero F*cks

Do you want to look thin or fabulous? I know which one I’d rather. (HINT: It’s FAB-ulous!)

What are you wearing today petal? I’d like a full Claudia Kishi like description in the comments please.

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