Well here I am at the end of my second week of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. I’m still going strong but I’ve had a few teeny tiny set backs on the diet front. Just a nibble here and there but I’m really going to have to watch that. Weight loss is easy in the first few weeks of a program but I’m going to have to get serious if I want to continue losing weight consistently. 

Michelle Bridges 12WBT – Week Two Results


* The food. I’m still loving it. The recipes change every week so I’m not getting bored and I’m learning to cook larger portions of the meals to save for lunches the next day to cut down on my time spent in the kitchen. Easy peasy.

* Feeling really good. I’m super energised and really productive. It’s probably a combination of the extra exercise and major cutting back of alcohol but whatever it is it’s working!

* Pre-preparation. I do all my preparation on Sundays – shopping, planning – and then I don’t have to think about food or shopping for the rest of the week.


* I’m not loving the workouts unfortunately. I’m doing the at home program and I’m finding them a bit dull. To mix it up, I play loud music over the top of the work out videos and I’ve swapped the cardio workouts (2 per week) for a 45 minute fat burning session on the treadmill watching Grey’s Anatomy. The way I see it is that it’s better to do a workout that I enjoy rather than get cranky and resent the 45 minutes burning the same amount of calories doing an activity that pisses me off. Although to be fair, the workouts have been much less painful in the second week because it’s become more of a routine now.

* I’ve had to modify some of the movements in the workouts because no one can turn or pivot easily on carpet wearing sneakers so I’ve jarred my knees a few times. No biggie but definitely something to consider if you have knee or ankle issues.

Week Breakdown

SaturdayAlmost perfect on food – I was allowed a treat meal but instead of a treat meal I went to the new Messina on Smith Street and had a salted coconut and mango jam sorbet. So. good. And way better than a treat meal. Perfect on exercise.

SundayAlmost perfect on food – I went to meet some girlfriends for a drink and this random guy bought us all a shot so naturally I couldn’t say no. Then I asked my mate to get me a soda with lime and she thought I said soda with wine so I ended up having a spritzer. I also couldn’t sleep so I ended up having a bowl of cereal at 2am. Weird day. No exercise as it was a rest day.

MondayPerfect on food and exercise.

Tuesday – Not amazing on food but I had a sponsored post due that day that required lots of cooking so I was literally surrounded by marshamallows, choc melts, caramalised onion and ginger biscuits. I had a few nibbles here and there but I chewed gum through out the day to help. Perfect with exercise.  

Wednesday - Perfect with food and exercise. 

Thursday – Almost perfect with food and perfect with exercise. (Except that I took about 6 of my work mates M&Ms, popped one in my mouth while reading the packet and realised that there’s about 10 calories PER M&M!!! So if you eat 10 M&Ms that’s 100 calories. For ten teeny tiny M&Ms. What a waste. I also had a sneaky glass of wine and a vodka soda at my rehearsal. I’ve officially created the hashtag #donttellmichelle. I’m going to use it every time I have a sneaky treat!)

Friday - Perfect with food and exercise. 

Week 1 Measurements

I’m not supposed to measure every week so I’m holding off until week 4 but I thought I’d republish my first weeks results just for continuity.

Chest – 102 cm

Waist – 98 cm

Hips – 113 cm

Thigh – 65 cm

Arm – 36 cm

Photos Week 2

Click here to see week 1 photos.




I totally have something stuck on my arse in that photo. Classy.

Weight Loss to Date – 3kgs

I’ve lost 3kg so far and I’m pretty pleased. I’m going to have to be more careful with my little bites here and there though. I’m a chronic biter. If someone has delicious food around me, I’m going to have a bite. Even if I don’t know them that well I’ll be all… ‘That donut looks amazing… can I…?‘ and I’ll just totally shop lift their treat because food that isn’t yours tastes so much better. I’ve been PERFECT with my meals, I’ve just been a little bit slack on my random bites so that’s something to work on next week. 

Weight Loss

Goal – 12kgs

Lost – 3kgs

Left to go – 9kgs

Any questions after week 2?