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Let’s be honest here. Chocolate isn’t exactly part of a healthy weight loss plan. Especially if it’s very, very excellent chocolate like macadamia milk or a Crunchie bar that makes it impossible to eat a sensible serving size. It’s no fun to go through life without ever treating yourself so here’s a little guide to help you enjoy chocolate every day without ruining your diet.

How You Can Eat Chocolate Without Gaining Weight 

Count It/Burn It

Weightloss is a science and it’s literally a case of energy in VS energy out. If you absolutely have to eat chocolate just work it into your daily allowance of calories. A Milky Way bar is worth 110 calories so if you skip cheese on your sandwich or have 1 boiled egg for breakfast instead of 2, you can have your chocolate treat without any guilt. Also if you run at high intensity on the treadmill for an extra 15 minutes, you’ll burn that Milky Way right off. If you eat it, deal with it. Simple.

Drink It

There are lots of different varieties of low calorie drinking chocolate available on the market. I’m personally a big fan of Jarrah hot chocolates. They come in heaps of different flavours and are about 50 calories each. They’re perfect for the end of the day if you want a little sweet treat after dinner and at only 50 calories it’s hardly going to bust the calorie count.

Go Dark

If you have issues with chocolate portion control try switching to dark chocolate. You’d have to have a pretty hardcore chocolate addiction to be able to eat more than a few squares dark chocolate in one sitting and you can get yummy flavours if you find that plain dark chocolate tastes a bit like dirt. I’m a fan of Green and Black’s Dark Orange and any kind of Lindt… but especially the hint of sea salt flavour.

Add It To Other Food

Sprinkle a little powdered chocolate on your morning porridge or drop a few chocolate chips in your afternoon tub of yogurt. Even a little shake of powdered chocolate on your 3pm cappucino will be just enough to curb your cravings.

Go Small

You can eat a small piece of chocolate every single day and still lose weight. The key part of the equation is to make it small. As in one square or one Freddo Frog. If you eat a healthy, calorie controlled diet you can have a little bit of your sweet treat without ruining the good work you’ve done all day. Just keep it small, that’s all you need to do.

 What’s the one thing that you save as a treat on diets? Chocolate? Cheese? Wine? What’s your poison?