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Well we’re done with the 20 Days of No Bullshit Health and Fitness. Here’s a wrap up of the days in order.

1. The Charlie Sheen Guide to Cutting Back on Alcohol

2. Why Organic is The New Black

3. 5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Hands Out of The Office Lolly Jar 

4. Why You Can’t Stop Eating When You’re Full

5. 5 Sneaky Exercise Hacks For The Super Busy 

6. The Real Reason Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

7. 12WB Week One Results

8. 5 Cost Effective Workouts For Total Tight Arses 

9. 5 Easy Low Carb Lunch Options You Can Pack The Night Before

10. 5 Easy Peasy Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

11. How to Stick With Your Diet This Weekend

12. 5 Effective Yet Extremely Unconventional Ways To Burn Extra Calories

13. 12WBT Week Two Results 

14. How to Stay Motivated While On A Diet

15. 10 of The Most Rad Work Out Shirts

16. 5 Cheap, Healthy and Easy Dinner Ideas

17. How You Can Eat Out With Out Blowing Your Diet

18. How to Stick To Your Diet While Traveling

19. 7 Best Fitness and Health Apps

20. How You Can Eat Chocolate Without Gaining Weight

What did you guys think of having a themed month? Are you keen to see more themed months on Smaggle? If so in what format?

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