I’m a Melbourne gal so I only get too hot for a about one week out of the entire year but Melbourne being Melbourne will occasionally toss me a shocker of a day where I go from wearing thick wooly tights with boots to little summer dresses in the space of about half an hour. I teach special needs kids two days a week so I generally wear comfy clothes that I can get dirty on those days. On my freelance days I like to wear something a little smarter. Even though I spend most of my freelance days in a cafe near my apartment, I need to be ready to duck out for a meeting or go to an event. Plus I’m always so much more productive if I dress up a little.


 Dress from Marimekko * Shoes from Whittner * Sunglasses from Oroton * Jewellery from India, Vietnam and Thailand

How To Look Semi-Polished When It’s 30 Degrees Outside

Keep The Hemline Low-ish

No one wants to sweat under a giant synthetic maxi-dress in summer. You can totally go with a shorter hemline but just be sensible about it. This is about as short as I go ever, especially if I’m not wearing tights. The trick to going to short in summer and still looking work appropriate is to keep the skirt or dress tailored and not skin tight. Fitting your clothes easily is a must for summer comfort chic.

Be A Bit Modest in Chestical Area

I always like to keep my chest as covered as possible but especially in summer. I just don’t want people to think I’m headed to the beach after a lunch time meeting. 

Wear a Low, Bold Heel or Wedge

Sky high strappy sandals with thin heels have a bizarre ability to make work attire more casual, like parties and cocktails kind of casual. A sturdy, heavy soled heel or wedge will give you a decent amout of lift, add a touch of polish to your ensemble and for bonus points you’ll be able to walk around in them all day. Bonza.

What do you wear to work on really, really hot days? Do you have a heat stroke uniform? Or do you just grab the nearest thing that you won’t pass out in?