I’ve just finished my fourth week of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT transformation and I have to say that I’m not even really thinking about it anymore. I just automatically exercise every day and I’ve actually started prioritizing it now. Like my mates will be ‘Do you want to come over for a soda water while we drink wine?‘ and I’ll be all ‘Oh I’d love to but I have to hit the treadmill!‘. WHO EVEN AM I??? I mean I’ve always been an exerciser but honestly I’d never usually let a work out get in the way of a good time. Now I’m starting to get that gluggy feeling on days when I don’t exercise. ENDORPHINS BITCHES!!!

Michelle Bridges 12WBT – Week Four Results 


* Another week of flawless exercise, I’m like a ninja now.

* Mixing up my Michelle Bridges work outs with some Barre Body classes. Freaking ouch. I’ve never hurt so much from moving so little in my life. Love it.

* Making healthy choices on special occasions. I’ve had ample opportunity to down a bottle of red and bury my face in a McChicken burger but I didn’t go and blow my diet completely. I simply made healthier choices.

* Adjusting the shopping list to suit me. After a few ordering mistakes and not planning things properly I had some food wastage in the first few weeks but all the glitches are ironed out now. 


* Being a bit naughty with alcohol this week. I had an awards ceremony (I won the Voices 2013 Best Beauty and Style Blogger Award. As you can see below I had a FANTASTIC time.), my bestie’s birthday and a dinner catch up with an old friend. I didn’t get particularly hammered and I was AMAZING with my food choices by having healthy dinners before I left for events but I did have a few alcoholic beverages several nights this week which was very naughty. I promise to be much better this week. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 1.49.06 pm

Week Breakdown

I’ve been tracking my calories every day including alcohol and I’ve been fastidiously burning off the calories I over consumed in alcohol this week. So although I’m supposed to consume 1200 calories per day for ultimate weight loss, I made sure I burned all the extra calories which is probably why I’ve still had a loss this week despite my few glasses of wine and margaritas.

Friday  – 1772 calories and 1 hour of intense intervals on the treadmill (Extra calories: Awards night bubbly.)

Saturday – 1900 calories and rest day  (Extra calories: Margaritas with Hair Romance and Fox in Flats. Naughty girls.)

Sunday – 1210 and 1 hour of intense invervals on the treadmill

Monday – 1703 and 1 hour Barre Body class (Extra calories: A few glasses of a wine with an old friend. Mandatory really.)

Tuesday – 1593 and 1 hour intense invervals on the treadmill (Extra calories: A few glasses of bubbly for my bests b’day. Mandatory really.)

Wednesday – 1368 and 1 hour Body Barre class

Thursday – 1251 and 2 intense intervals on the treadmill

Week 1 Measurements

Week four is the first week that I’m allowed to measure and here are the results. I’m pretty bloody stoked.

Week 1 Chest – 102 cm                                     Week 4 Chest – 100cm

Week 1 Waist – 98 cm                                      Week 4 Waist – 91cm

Week 1 Hips – 113 cm                                        Week 4 Hips – 107cm

Week 1 Thigh  – 65 cm                                      Week 4 Thigh – 62cm

Week 1 Arm – 36 cm                                          Week 4 Arm – 32cm

I’ve lost a total of 22cm in four weeks which is pretty amazing. I’m shocked that I haven’t lost more cms off my chest because that’s usually the first area to go but I’m stoked that my body finally got the memo that I want to lose from my stomach, not my chesticles. Overall, pretty happy with the results of the fourth week.

Photos Week 4

Click here to see Week 1 photos.

Click here to see Week 2 photos.

Click here to see Week 3 photos. 




I don’t want to get into the habit of regularly comparing my photos but as it’s a milestone week I thought I’d include side-by-sides for you guys.

weekfourfront weekfourside weekfourback

Weight Loss to Date – 4.1 kgs

I’ve lost 4.1 kg in four weeks which is great, but I can chalk this weeks weight loss up to some kind of miracle because I was a touch on the boozy side but I dare not question it. Can’t complain about an average of a kilo per week right? Oh and my butt cheek fold is gone! You know where your butt folds over to say hello to your upper thigh? Goneski. Rad. 

Weight Loss

Goal – 12kgs

Lost – 4.1 kgs

Left to go – 7.9 kgs

Any questions after week 4?