I’ve just finished my fifth week of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT transformation and I’m still going strong. Finding it a little more difficult to keep on track as Christmas is approaching. There’s more naughty foods around and definitely more alcohol. I’ve been pretty bloody good with my food and I’ve been keeping up my exercise like a demon but alcohol is proving to be my temptress. I was much better this week than I was last week so that’s certainly something to be proud of.

Michelle Bridges 12WBT – Week Four Results


* Another week of almost flawless exercise. I really feel gunky if I don’t exercise for the full 6 days.

* Still doing my Barre Body classes instead of the Michelle Bridges strength training. I’m loving it, it’s really hard work but I keep improving every class. I’ve been doing 6.30am classes and they are the best way to start the day. You can vomit at my virtue at any stage. I’m even annoying myself with my exercise commitment.

* I’ve been continuing to make healthy choices and calorie count through out a very rough season to diet in. I haven’t been sticking 100% to the menu plan but I’ve been diligently tracking calories and burning any extras that I consume and it seems to be working.

* I was MUCH better on alcohol this week. I had a few sneaky glasses of wine here and there but I was pretty good.


* Having my period and being sick. I had to skip 2 workout sessions this week which was a bit of a bummer but it was also unavoidable.

Week Breakdown

I’ve been tracking my calories every day including alcohol and again I’ve been fastidiously burning off the calories that I over consumed in alcohol. 

Friday  – 1487 calories eaten and 1 hour Body Class (Extra calories: A cheeky crab net spring roll with my Ms Chu salad dinner.)

Saturday – 1704 calories and 1 hour intense cardio  (Extra calories: A few glasses of bubbly because I was shooting a web video. That sounds weird but trust me, bubbles were necessary.)

Sunday – 1068 calories and 1 hour of yoga

Monday – 1836 calories and 1 hour Barre Body class (Extra calories: An awesome pizza dinner with wine and awesome friends. Extra calories spent awesomely.)

Tuesday – 1466 and no exercise as it was the first day of my period and I was in an excruciating amount of pain. (Extra calories: A handful of potato chips. What a rip off! Totally burned them off the next day though and it could have been MUCH worse considering I had my period.)

Wednesday – 1196 calories and 1 hour Body Barre class

Thursday – 300 calories and no exercise because I was sick and I had to do a fast thingy for my doctor

Week 1 Measurements

I’m not supposed to measure again until week 8 but here’s my measurement progress so far just for continuity. 

Week 1 Chest – 102 cm                                     Week 4 Chest – 100cm

Week 1 Waist – 98 cm                                      Week 4 Waist – 91cm

Week 1 Hips – 113 cm                                        Week 4 Hips – 107cm

Week 1 Thigh  – 65 cm                                      Week 4 Thigh – 62cm

Week 1 Arm – 36 cm                                          Week 4 Arm – 32cm

Photos Week 4

Click here to see Week 1 photos.

Click here to see Week 2 photos.

Click here to see Week 3 photos. 

Click here to see Week 4 photos and before/after comparison.




Everyone loved the side by side shots last week but I think it’s more effective to only show side by sides in milestone weeks. Although I have had to change my photo outfit because the t-shirt I started wearing has gotten too big to show progress. WIN!

Weight Loss to Date – 3.8 kgs

I’ve decided to start showing my per week weight loss to show the fluctuations in weight. I haven’t lost weight consistently at all and I think it’s important for people to see that. I gained 300gms this week but that’s definitely because I have my period. I usually gain at least 1.5 kgs when flow comes to town so I’m actually quite stoked.

Week 1 – LOSS of 2kg

Week 2 – LOSS of 1kg

Week 3 – NO LOSS

Week 4 – LOSS of 1.1kg

Week 5 – GAIN of 300 gms

Weight Loss

Goal – 12kgs

Lost – 3.8 kgs

Left to go – 8.2 kgs

Any questions after week 4?