I have serious issues with wearing casual shoes… or casual clothing in general. I like dresses, big earrings, high heels and lipstick… I don’t even own shorts and I only ever wear Havianas to get pedicures. Because of my hair that I have this natural I-just-crawled-out-from-under-a-rock-look that I feel like I need to make more of an effort with my clothing than other people. You know, so children don’t shreik ‘Look Mummy! A cave woman!‘ at me in the street. My penchant for dressing up presents an issue because I live in Melbourne and I walk EVERYWHERE. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing high heels since I moved here 5 years ago. I have a selection of clogs and ballet flats that I wear most days for general business but if I’m going on a decent walk and I’m going to be on my feet all day I need something a little more hard wearing. I bought these Toms about a year ago after my first pair bit the dust in New York in 2011 and I’ve found them slowly sneaking in to my every day attire. Cheeky monkies.


 Dress from Jacqui E * Obi belt thrifted from The Salvos * Toms shoes * Sunglasses from Oroton * Jewellery from India, Vietnam and Thailand including my beautiful Delhi Metro pendant I had made after my trip to India last year *

How To Wear Casual Shoes With A Dress

Go High Contrast

Wear colours that contrast against each other like black and white, black and red, blue and orange. Really make a statement with it. If you wear a neutral colour like black in a basic fabric like canvas it will only add to the casual factor so spice it up with a bit of colour or contrast… or both!

Add Accessories

I’m wearing all my usual accessories like big hoop earrings and an obi belt so I look like my usual self… but below the ankles? It’s comfort town.

Keep The Dress Fairly Casual

This isn’t the most casual of dresses but it’s not a ball gown or a structural cocktail number covered in sparkles. A simple cotton shift or linen midi dress is perfect to pair with casual shoes, particularly in summer.

This outfit was worn for drinking coffee with my bestie after she had a sleepover at my house, watching a few epsidoes of Boardwalk Empire (I’m totally in love with Richard Harrow and I’m going to marry him and hold him and tell him that everything is going to be okay), going for a walk to the Abbotsford markets, eating rustic dahl for lunch, lying on a picnic blanket on the grass reading and snoozing, making espresso fudge (drool! Recipe coming soon. It’s SINFUL!) and having an evening cup of tea on the couch with my man. Sundays are all kinds of rad. 

What are your favourite casual shoes? And how do you style them?