Good morning Smagglets! Welcome to January. Creepy right? The theme this month is Organisation. I’m going to spend the next 19 days of January helping you sort out your life and become one of those super annoying people who always know where the scissors are.

How To Totally Organise Your Life in 19 Days

Sticking with my no bullshit approach from 20 Days of Health and Fitness, January will be the same. Practical, no-nonsense advice that is actionable for the average person. I promise not to pummel you with Pinterest propaganda or throw Martha Stewart housekeeping crap at you. I’m just going to provide you with practical skills and techniques to keep your life in order.

The question is… what do you need help with? Make-up storage? Wardrobe management? Kitchen organisation? Filing? Shoes? Sports equipment? Books? The contents of your handbag?

What parts of your life do you struggle to keep in order? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Tell me… what is your biggest life organisation problem that needs solving?

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