Michelle Bridges 12WBT – Week 8 Results

Hello petals! I’m still here and still doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT. When I signed up for the challenge in November, I had every intention of giving myself a week off over Christmas and I did just that… but it kind of accidentally turned into 3 weeks! I still counted my calories and did my exercise, I was just a little bit more relaxed and didn’t report for three weeks. The party has stopped though and now I’m back on track to smash the last four weeks of the challenge! 

Michelle Bridges 12WBT – Week Eight Results


* It’s my first full week of flawless exercise since before Christmas and I’m finally feeling as good as I was feeling before Christmas. Win!

* I’m still doing my Barre Body classes instead of the Michelle Bridges strength training. I signed for another month and I’m just loving it. It’s pretty hardcore – I’ve been wearing my heart rate monitor and I’ve been burning about 600 calories per class. On days when I don’t have Barre class, I run for an hour on the treadmill… while watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I will accept no judgement from you. It’s awesome.

I’ve been continuing to make healthy choices and calorie count through out a very rough season to diet in. I haven’t been sticking 100% to the menu plan but I’ve been diligently tracking calories and trying my hardest to burn any extras that I consume and I’ve managed to just about maintain my weight over the holiday season.


* I gained 800 gms over Christmas which actually isn’t really a nay at all. I think it’s the least amount of weight I’ve ever gained over the holidays so I’m just going to high five myself and move on. 

* I’m really struggling with not drinking alcohol. I don’t want to sound like an alcoholic but it’s really difficult to say no to an icy cold beer on a hot afternoon when everyone is on holidays and the weather is beautiful. I’ve been drinking most weekends (low carb beer and vodka lime and sodas mainly, then counting the calories and working it off again) but it really stunts my weight loss. Part of me is like ‘YOLO! Summer!‘ and the other part of me is like ‘Have some self control Smags!’. I’m working on it. 

Week Breakdown

I tracked my calories all through the holiday season except Christmas Day and New Years eve. I pretty much went above 1200 calories everyday but never above 2000 so I think that’s how I managed to only gain 800gms. This was my first ‘good week’ back.

Friday  – 1752 calories eaten and 1 hour Body Barre Class (Extra calories: Mr Smaggle and I cracked a delicious bottle of red that my bestie gave me. Totally worth it.)

Saturday – 2160 calories and 1 hour intense cardio (Extra calories: Wine and home made sushi. We had mates over for dinner and had the best night. Again… totally worth it. I was a good girl though and made a healthy dessert with dark chocolate and frozen banana. It’s all about being realistic and sensible.)

Sunday – 2841 calories and no exercise. (Yeah… this was cider and noodles. I’m going to pretend like this day never happened… awkward.)

Monday – 1199 calories and 1 hour Barre Body class.

Tuesday – 1328 and 1 hour intense cardio on the treadmill.

Wednesday – 1630 calories and 1 hour Body Barre class. (Extra calories – a few glasses of wine and 2 macarons.)

Thursday – 1295 and 1 hour intense cardio on the treadmill.

Week 1 Measurements

I had my 8 week measurements this week which I found super surprising. I lost more centremetres off my waist and gained a little around my hips and chest. Weird.


Week 1 – 102 cm

Week 4 – 100cm

Week 8 – 101cm


Week 1 – 98 cm

Week 4 – 91cm

Week 8 – 88cm


Week 1  – 113 cm

Week 4 – 107cm

Week 8 – 108cm


Week 1  – 65 cm

Week 4 – 62cm

Week 8 – 61cm


Week 1 – 36 cm

Week 4 – 32cm

Week 8 – 32cm

Photos Week 4

Click here to see Week 1 photos.

Click here to see Week 2 photos.

Click here to see Week 3 photos. 

Click here to see Week 4 photos and before/after comparison.

Click here to see Week 5 photos. 




I’m not going to do side by side comparison shots until I’m totally finished because it will be so much more fun that way. I’ve gone back to my snake t-shirt because everyone freaked out and said I needed to keep wearing it when I changed shirts in my last post, so the snake is back until the end. I’m also so glad I’ve been taking photos because I’ve only a clocked a 3.5 kg weight loss so far and I would usually be really annoyed but I look so different to when I first started it’s really motivating. If you try 12WBT I strongly recommend taking weekly photos. Even in the last few weeks (click on week 5!) where I’ve been a bit relaxed, I’ve still stuck to my exercise and my box gap has widened. It’s all progress people! 

Weight Loss to Date – 3.5 kgs

I’ve decided to start showing my per week weight loss to show the fluctuations in weight. I haven’t lost weight consistently at all and I think it’s important for people to see that. Especially plateaus. 

Week 1 – LOSS of 2kg

Week 2 – LOSS of 1kg

Week 3 – NO LOSS

Week 4 – LOSS of 1.1kg

Week 5 – GAIN of 300 gms

Week 6 to Week 7 – GAIN of 500 gms

Week 8 – NO LOSS

Weight Loss

Goal – 12kgs

Lost – 3.5 kgs

Left to go – 8.5 kgs


Any questions after week 8?

Carly is the founding editor of Smaggle which launched in 2007 back when blogging was weird. She has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Cosmopolitan and Cleo magazines. Hoop earrings are totally her thing and she almost got run over by Myf Warhurst while out jogging one day.


  1. Vehs 2 years ago

    I’ve stopped measuring bust – depends too much what time of the month it is or if I can find the same bra! – Vehs

    • Author
      Smaggle 2 years ago

      Actually that’s a good call! I didn’t realise it at the time but was MAJORLY pre-menstrual when I took these measurements. Explains a lot!

  2. Nicole 2 years ago

    I embarrassingly will not be joining you in the measurements this time. I pretty much took the entire month of December “off”. Thankfully, I am climbing back on the horse and have been under my calorie limit this entire week and did some kind of workout most days. AND got my husband to join me in using the Lose It app.

    Could the increase in measurements be from the barre workouts? when I used to do hardcore leg strength workouts I lost a lot of weight, but my muscles made my thigh measurement stay the same while most everything else went down. You look awesome, love the snake t-shirt as usual.

    • Author
      Smaggle 2 years ago

      I tend to not gain cms with weight training but I do gain kgs… I’m not too worried though it’s only a cm here and there!

      Good girl! Get straight back on the band wagon and just remember it’s not how many times you fall off, it’s how many times you get back on!


  3. kate 2 years ago

    I wish I had been able to get back on track after going to Thailand in the middle of my 12WBT! I ate and drank all the things while I was away and my only exercise was walking to the beach for a massage! I had no motivation when I got back, so I didn’t finish.
    I am super impressed with your dedication, especially over the festive period!
    I was doing Barre at home when I was doing the 12WBT. I flipping love it! I hope someone sets it up in Canberra soon!! But Nicole might be right about it being responsible for the increase in measurements?

    • Author
      Smaggle 2 years ago

      You have to relax on holiday. I NEVER diet on holidays. When I was in Thailand I had an almond mini magnum EVERY DAY! Don’t beat yourself up over holidays. It’s what they’re there for. Yeah I think Barre is increasing some measurements and decreasing others, I’m not fussed though. I’m feeling okay!

  4. Go Smags. I think you approached it realistically over the festive season. If you’re in it for the long haul then you have to be able to live a little knowing you’ve got the tools to get back on track. x

    • Author
      Smaggle 2 years ago

      Exactly! Like what we were talking about in December… you need to be perfect whenever you can to allow for treat dinners and drinks with friends!

  5. V impressed Smaggs! Especially over the holidays. You;re inspiring me x

    • Author
      Smaggle 2 years ago

      Thanks love! It’s tough and I’m not actually being THAT amazing but I haven’t let myself go completely and I think that’s the trick!

  6. cilosophy.blogspot.com 2 years ago

    ugh, tell me about it.
    As a general rule I try to stay away from alcohol during the week (mon-thurs). It was a free-for-all over the xmas/new year period.

    I have not gone near the scales as I don’t want to know.
    But I am back on it now.

    • Author
      Smaggle 2 years ago

      I’m trying super hard to stay away from alcohol during the week but it’s 43 degrees today!!! I want a cider! No fair!

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