I live in Melbourne but before that I lived in Canberra. Both cities are notorious for being jacket worthy most months of the year and as such I’ve grown up into a summer non-lover. Give me minus 2 degrees and a roaring fire over sunburn and sweat any day. Unfortunately Melbourne tends to have a hell week in summer where the temperatures can hit 40 plus degrees and I spend most of that time in a funk of feeling disgusting with frizzy hair and perpetually damp under arms. It’s gross. Here’s what I’ve been wearing in the last few days and they are definitely all pieces I’ll be pulling out again to get me through the sticky week that’s looming ahead. 


 * Dress from Country Road * Shoes from Toms * Sunglasses from Oroton *


 * Witchery maxi dress * Ducks shoes * Dinosaur Designs bangle * Waist tie from Metalicus dress *


 * Dress from Seed – My cousin’s mother-in-law showed up in this dress at a Christmas party and she looked so gorgeous that I went straight out the next day and bought it * Bangles from Dinosaur Designs * Silver jewellery from Thailand *

How to Get Dressed When It’s 40 Degrees Outside

Wear Natural Fibres

Try your hardest to avoid polyester and other non-breathable fabrics. Silk, linen and cotton will keep you nice and cool without the slimy horrid-ness of plasticy materials. Be sure to wear cotton underwear as well. I’m a shape wear gal, always have been and I love this Nancy Gantz  cotton slip, it’s totally breathable and I wear it under EVERYTHING. I’m actually about to buy another one because I can’t cope with the one I have being in the wash for too long.

Give Yourself Some Breathing Space

Snappy tightness in your clothing can be a nightmare in summer so choose roomier styles on sticky days. My sister-in-law introduced me to the choice phrase of ‘airing out the peach pit’ in reference to sleeping in the nude. Why not go commando in a maxi dress? Get a little fresh air around your nether regions and keep cool on those musty days. Only if you aren’t walking far because if you are, there’s another problem you need to consider…

The Summer Chafe

Unless you’re blessed with a giant box gap, chances are you’re going to experience a little of the summer chafe. Even my super skinny friends sometimes get a nasty heat rash near their lady garden. I always wear dresses… because I just do… so in summer if I’m going for a decent walk, I’ll wear a little pair of shorts under my dresses. It’s stops the chafe and allows me sit cross-legged on a picnic blanket without anyone copping an eyeful of my bits. I like Bonds Active Hotpants but any little running shorts will do. 

I’ve booked a 6.30 Barre workout tomorrow so I can get my exercise out of the way before the sun gets too hot and I plan to spend the rest of the 43 degree day tomorrow sitting very, very still.

What’s your fool-proof summer ensemble for super steamy days?