When I first started my How To Totally Organise Your Life in 19 Days series one of the main things that everyone asked for was a quick guide to keeping their house tidy in 20 minutes a day. This is totally do-able. You don’t need to clean your floors to the point that you can eat dinner off them but being able to actually see them is a good start.

How to Keep Your House Clean in 20 Minutes A Day

Clean as you go

If you use a hair product in the bathroom, put it away after you’ve used it. Same with a pantry item in your kitchen. If you’re finished using it, put it away.

Own your mess

If you don’t make your bed in the morning ‘because you’re just going to get back in it again the next night… so what’s the point?‘ then you need to start rethinking your attitude. Keeping a tidy house is a habit that you have the ability to create but the first step is being truly honest about what constitutes as mess. A pile of underwear on your couch is a mess. A stack of shoes on your lounge room floor is a mess. An unmade bed is a mess. The truth will set you free my petals. 

Have a positive attitude

Pop on some tunes and spend 20 minutes improving your home. If you grumble about it, it will only make it worse. Think of it as time to unwind and let your thoughts wander. Cleaning can be very therapeutic. 

Start with a major clean

20 minutes a day won’t help much if you haven’t vacuumed in months. Try reading How to Throw Things Away Like A God Damn Grown UpHow to Manage Your Floordrobe and How To Conquer That Horrible Pile of Paperwork You’ve Been Ignoring to get you started. Once your house is at a base level of clean the 20 Minute Daily Clean will be a piece of cake.



Here’s a little infographic I made that you can print out and stick to your fridge so you have a little guide to help keep you on track with your cleaning. Morning, afternoon and evening tasks should only take a few minutes each and just set a timer for 15 minutes for your daily task like cleaning the bathroom. Vacuuming and mopping will probably take longer but chalk it up to some extra calorie burning and just get on with it! 

20MIN DAILY CLEANHere’s a link to a larger printable version so you can stick it to your fridge to remind you of your daily tasks. Obviously this is a very basic outline of generic daily tasks so add in extra washing days etc if you need to. I also get that not everyone has a dishwasher or grocery shops everyday so again, make adjustments to suit your own schedule.  If you have a particularly large house or family you may need to set a 25 or 30 minute timer but make sure you limit your time somehow. It’s the key to quick and effective cleaning. Try searching the internet for other daily cleaning schedules and you’ll probably find others that suit you too.

So tell me… how do you go about your cleaning? Do you do it all in one day? Or little bits and pieces through out the week?

P.S Jonathon The Organisation Crustacean was drawn by my mate Arran McKenna and he has classes in Canberra if you want to learn to Draw Fun Stuff.