You know how’s there all these memes going around about how foodies are lame and we have to stop taking pictures of our rustic lamb chops and crusty bread and posting them on Instagram? I’m calling a bitch please on that situation. I love seeing pictures of bowls of fruit with perfect dollops of yogurt and all the pretty ingredients that someone is about to turn into a super healthy #fitness #health #fitstagram smoothie. There’s a reason why Pinterest is popular and it’s because we’re all nosey little cherubs and love to look at what other people are doing. We like things a lot better if they’re pretty, which is why the popular page of Pinterest is usually littered with pins of home made baked goods and country life style jars of pickles, because secretly most people want to have an airy open kitchen with bunches of dried herbs hanging from the ceiling and a mint green KitchenAid on the counter. Here’s how to organise your kitchen and make it totally swoon worthy enough for the likes of Donna Hay, the first lady of smug kitchen cleanliness.

How To Make Donna Hay Swoon Over Your Kitchen

Have an open pantry

If you want that messily-wrapped-in-brown-paper-muffins-look to your kitchen then have an open pantry. Empty your flours and sugars into mason jars and label them with a Dymo. You can store almost all of your pantry food in this way and it’s much better than keeping items in their original bags and trying to re-seal them every time you use them. It keeps your pantry items fresher for longer and looks dead cute on a shelf in your kitchen. 

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Display your cooking utensils

Why not pile all your spatulas and egg flippers into a pretty jar and leave it on your kitchen bench? Pile any gorgeous crockery in a stack on a shelf? Hang your pots from the ceiling? There’s no need to keep everything hidden away. Especially if it’s something like Le Creuset  or Bison. A beautiful casserole dish will look gorgeous on a  kitchen island or tucked into the corner of your kitchen bench.

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Use food as a decorator item

When you buy a bunch of herbs, pop the leftovers from that night’s dinner into a small vase on the kitchen bench. It will remind you to use up your left overs and it will also add a gorgeous little sprig of delicious and fragrant greenery to your kitchen for a few days. Display any fruit that doesn’t need refrigerating in a beautiful fruit bowl that matches your decor. I have a total weakness for fruit bowls and I have several but my favourite is this one we have from Fink. We have an older version of it but it’s just such a beauitful piece and it’s completely timeless. If you happen to be getting married soon register for a shite load of Fink stuff. You won’t regret it.

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What do you struggle with the most in your kitchen? Storage? Cleaniness? Decorating?