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So I’m braving a new hair salon this afternoon. I’ve had a massive struggle with finding a good curly hair cutter since my Regan left me. Regan was an artist. He’d hold my chin in his hands while his eyes glazed over and then he’d say ‘Darling… do you trust me?‘. I’d look him square in the eyes and say ‘I trust you!‘ and then he wouldn’t speak to me for the next hour as he worked his hair wizardry in his tiny, tiny shorts. I loved him. 

He was responsible for this rad cut that I rocked for years. 

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Then he abandoned me to be a pool boy on a yacht in Brazil and left me in the hands of his salon owner. She was lovely and did a great job maintaining Regan’s work but it just wasn’t the same. I sought help elsewhere. I tried a salon that is renowned for this particular hair stylist who is apparently a ‘genius’ at cutting curly hair. Lies. He basically jabbed at my dry hair with scissors for 20 minutes, took about 7 selfies during the cut, charged me $110 and sent me on my way. Not impressed. I then went to a good old-fashioned stylist with 20 years of experience who cut my hair like it was the 80s. Sectioning my hair with razor like precision at the crown of my head and cutting it bluntly in straight lines. The cut was fine but not spectacular so I’ve decided to try someone else.

In desperation I asked my friend Clare from Checks and Spots for her hairdresser because she has super rad curls. I’ve had good luck in the past finding hairdressers by asking people with cool hair which salon they go to and she was super sweet enough to share her hairdressers deets. I made an appointment immediately and I’ve been thinking about what to have done for the past week.

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My only hesitation about getting my hair cut is that I was sort of growing my hair out but then it reaches a stage where it just looks like I’ve gone to the hairdresser and said ‘Make me look like Slash on a really bad day!‘ and I’m about 2 weeks away from that happening. 

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This is what my hair looks like at the moment. It’s very beige and something must be done. 

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So I’ve narrowed it down to a few options and I’d LOVE to hear your opinion. 

When I go to the hairdresser this afternoon should I…

1. Just ask for a trim and continue growing my hair although I know it will never look like Jessa’s and I’ll have to pass through the extremely unattractive Slash phase.

2. Let the hairdresser do what she thinks is best, but leaning towards a funky shorter-ish messy cut.

3. Ask her to re-create my signature cut.

Thoughts? I need all the opinions. Otherwise I’ll get there and be all ‘Can I get a Rachel cut? You still do those right?’ Help!