Ever since I published my post called 31 things that women do when they’re alone I’ve been thinking about the perfectly sinful act of indulging ones guilty pleasures. Like eating breakfast food for dinner or watching your favourite shitty movie twice in one day. A friend of mine is a mother and her guilty pleasure is arriving at her child’s pre-school half an hour early and reading the news on her phone in the car. Mr Smaggle’s guilty pleasures are all beverage related. Like having more than 1 cafe coffee per day or drinking a 100Plus (his favourite isotonic sports drink) if he hasn’t exercised. This also made me think that my guilty pleasures are quite transient and that they tend to change every few months. Here are a few recent guilty pleasures that I’ve been indulging in.

Watching Sister Wives

It’s a show about a polygamist family escaping Utah to live in Las Vegas. I found it on Netflix not long ago and it’s the most enthralling reality TV I’ve seen since the first season of Big Brother. Literally nothing happens in the whole series after the fourth wife joins the family in the first few episodes but it just doesn’t matter. They have like 25 kids between 5 adults and it’s such a shit fight circus that I can’t look away. They’re also just lovely people. Mr Smaggle will often bust me in bed with my iPad watching it with headphones and he’ll gasp in mock shock and point at me in an accusatory manner but he just doesn’t understand the Browns. The show’s elevator pitch is ‘Love should be multiplied, not divided.’ Have I sufficiently seduced you yet?

Subscribing to the 90s radio soundtrack on Spotify

Confession: I’m a major shower singer. I like to do it in the morning. It helps relax my brain. I’ve started following the 90s radio station on Spotify and it’s just the best thing in the world. This morning for instance, Shawn Mullins‘ Lullaby came on and I was all ‘Ev-er-y thing’s gonna be alright… rockabye… ROCK-a-bye-y-eye…. rock-a-bye.It was a world of awesome.

Eating entire boxes of Sour Cream and Onion Delites

I’m a bit of a health nut and carbo-phobe but occasionally on a weekend, I’ll put some crap television series on and annihilate a box of Delites instead of lunch. It’s like a salt bomb exploded in my mouth every time I do it but I don’t care. It’s equal amounts of delicious and disgusting and I love it.

Morning naps

Being a freelancer who does a variety of different things everyday, sticking to a 9 to 5 schedule is almost impossible. I’ve recently taken to getting up at 6am after only a few hours sleep, heading out for a Barre class, coming home and working for a few hours and then having a nap at like 10am in the morning. It’s ridiculous… but so satisfying. Also naps are 75% more satisfying if you feel a little bit guilty about them.

Reading internet hate sites

I KNOW! It’s awful… but sometimes when I have a spare 5 minutes I’ll visit a few celebrity hate sites and be all ‘Yes! Kiera Knightly was completely insipid in every movie she’s done except for Bend It Like Beckham!‘ and then I hate myself a little bit.

The hatred is all part of the journey with guilty pleasures though. If you don’t think that you’re slightly less of person because of what you just did, it doesn’t qualify as a guilty pleasure. 

So what are your guilty pleasures? Any particularly recent ones you’d like to share?