About a week ago, I finished the Michelle Bridges 12WBT. I actually really enjoyed it and I’ve seen some pretty decent results.

Michelle Bridges 12WBT Before and After Shots

beforeafterfrontsidebeforeafter backbeforeafter

Measurements Before and After

Before                                        After

Chest – 102 cm                                  Chest – 100 cm

Waist – 98 cm                                    Waist – 88 cm

Hips – 113 cm                                     Hips – 107 cm

Thigh – 65 cm                                    Thigh – 59 cm

Arm – 36 cm                                       Arm – 30 cm

I kind of wish I had taken one of those pasty before shots in my underwear holding the newspaper. Then I could have followed it up with a picture of my clenched tandoori coloured, g-stringed butt cheeks whilst wearing stripper heels, but alas I lacked the foresight. Anyway I’ve lost 30cms in 12 weeks. Pretty stoked about that.

Total Weight Loss

About 5 kgs all up which really doesn’t seem like much but I’m SO GLAD I took photos and measurements otherwise I’d be pissed. I’d much rather see a major loss of centimetres than anything else… and I can really see improvements in those photos. Bonza.

Was it hard?

Not really. My biggest struggle was alcohol because even 1 glass of wine will tip you 200 calories over your daily budget and I like quite a bit more than 1 glass of wine. If I had an event or a birthday party or something, I’d have a healthy dinner and pre-burn my alcohol calories. I also never wasted calories on anything else, in the first 5 weeks at least. No chocolate, no ice cream. I kept my eye on the prize… red, red wii-iii-iiine… stay close to meee-ee-eee. I’d argue that no one can be perfect for 12 weeks, so make sure you choose your sin wisely and stick to it. If someone offered me a Tim Tam at school I’d be all ‘BITCH I’M HAVING WINE TONIGHT!!!!’. It’s all about the planning.

Did you stick to it 100%?

I stuck to the food 100% in the first five weeks, then Christmas and summer happened so it was difficult. I was about 90% perfect over summer but I was just happy to maintain during the silly season. I was almost 100% perfect on exercise the entire time and I’m so proud of that. I exercised on average 6 days per week for 12 weeks and I think that’s where my results came from. I actually didn’t follow Michelle’s exercise plan – I did 3 Barre classes per week and 3 1 hour interval cardio sessions on the treadmill per week with one rest day. It’s just what works into my schedule and what I enjoy. It was 1 hour, high intensity exercise, 6 times a week and I’m still doing it. It means I can have a few dinners out and some drinks on the weekend without totally letting myself get out of control.

Would you do it again?

Absolutely! I’d like to try it again in the middle of the year when I’m in a routine and more disciplined. I think I could smash a higher kg loss at a different time of year. Although losing 5kgs over Christmas is unheard of so I’d say the whole thing was a major victory. 

Any questions?

Oh also I’m looking at trying a different kind of eating plan because I really loved being held accountable on the blog so if you can recommend one or want me to guinea pig one for you, let me know!