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This week I’m teaming up with the gorgeous folks from Female for Life to bring you 31 Thoughts That Women Have When They’re At The Gym… make sure you keep reading for your chance to win some sweet work out threads. Here’s a basic run down on what women think about while at the gym… based entirely on what I think about when I’m at the gym.


31 Thoughts That Women Have When They’re At The Gym

6.00 pm‘Running on the treadmill, running on the treadmill…’

6.02 pm – ‘My mouth totally tastes like sock.’


6.05 pm – ‘How much food would I have to stop eating to look like her?’

6.07 pm – ‘Whoa… what muscle was THAT?’

6.10 pm – ‘I can’t remember the last time I washed this t-shirt.’

6.12 pm – ‘Can olives be dinner?’

6.13 pm – ‘Hola! Mi nombre es Carly! Me gusta el queso!’

6.15 pm – ‘I’ve burnt 131 calories… how many calories is chocolate?’

6.17 pm – ‘I hate Gwyneth Paltrow.’

6.20 pm – ‘That guy was a real dick at work today… he must be MAN-struating.’ *snort*

6.22 pm - ‘If I was famous, I’d totes be besties with Oprah.’

6.24 pm – ‘I wonder if anyone is in love with me right now?’

6.27 pm -  ‘I do dynamic tantric workouts 7 days a week and I only eat food consciously …’ (fake interview with Vogue)

6.30 pm – ‘All the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies…

6.33 pm – ‘What if someone I love suddenly dies?’

6.35 pm -  ‘I can totally run that fast…’ *turns treadmill up to 14kms per hour*

6.36 pm -  ‘It was so freaking sad when Ross and Rachel broke up on Friends.’

6.37 pm‘Nope.’ *turns treadmill back down to 7kms per hour*

6.38 pm – ‘Does going to the gym make you better at sex?’

6.38 pm ‘John Goodman is sexy.’

6.38 pm – ‘Oh christ did anyone hear me think that……???’

6.39 pm – ‘Erm… I meant James Franco. James Franco is sexy.’

6.40 pm – ‘I need to buy tampons and bread. For totally different purposes.’

6.41 pm – ‘What are baby sea horses called?’

6.41 pm – ‘Flipping sweet! Only 4 minutes to go!’

6.41 pm – ‘Only 4 minutes to go…’

6.41 pm – ‘Only 4 minu… DAMN YOU EVIL TIME LORD GYM!’

6.43 pm – ‘I’m legitimately going to die. This must be what a stroke feels like.’

6.44 pm‘Beeeeeeeeeeep…………..’

6.45 pm -  ‘Done. I’m off to beat the shit out of Lara Croft.

To celebrate all the wonderfully complex lady fitness goddesses out there, the glorious team at Female for Life are giving one of my readers the chance to win an exercise outfit from their range. It’s such a gorgeous shop and I’m so stoked to be working with them. They have gym gear for ladies of all shapes and sizes and I know from experience how comfy their gear is.

You may remember these running pants from such 12WBT round up posts as Week 3 and Week 4.


Seriously, I’ve been wearing these pants non-stop. My biggest pet hate with work out gear is when my bloody pants fall down. Exercise is already unpleasant enough, so if I have to keep hitching at annoying saggy pants, I’m going to get a bit stabby. The Leopard Print 3/4 length pants can withstand lots of bendy yoga and much jiggly running. Bonza. I also have the Leopard Sports Jacket which I pop on at the end of gym sessions. It’s makes me feel like a super serious fitness person. I think it’s the zips. Exercise gear with zips are bad-ass. The Female for Life site is super easy to use and you can shop according to your shape and size. My favourite part is that you can click any item and see a picture of a real person wearing the item… and by real I mean a variety of differently shaped women not just one super buff, athletic model with killer abs and legs that just won’t quit. I mean regular, every day ladies. Love it. My personal favourites are the leopard leggings, leopard sports jacket, comfort bra, yoga body suit and leopard 3/4 pants. I actually really, really love the yoga body suit and I may or may not have one on my to buy list. I’d recommend sizing down if you’re in-between sizes simply because I find working out in baggy clothes really frustrating but use your own judgement. Everything is regularly sized, it’s just a matter of personal preference as to whether you like your workout gear to be super snappy tight or a little more relaxed.

To go in the draw to win a 1 x Sportswear top (excluding jackets) and 1 x Sportswear pants  from Female for Life just let me know in the comments what you think about when you’re exercising.

Whoever makes me giggle the most wins.

Female for Life would also like to offer a $15 discount for all first time orders. Simply enter the code myfirstorder to claim your discount. Not available for sale items and not in conjunction with any other order.

So tell me… what do you think about when you’re exercising?

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