In recent months I’ve stocked up on some basics that I’ve been hankering after for ages. They’re quality items, around $80 to $150 and I can’t recommend them highly enough. No buyer’s remorse to be seen here.

Midas Flat Shoes

I bought an awesome pair of flats last year from a store that shall remain nameless (It starts with ‘T’ and ends with ‘…enery’) and they wore out within a few months. Literally holes in the soles. Not happy. I’ve been searching for months for a pair of plain black ballet flats with a decent sole and finally one Saturday afternoon I stumbled upon these little beauties at Midas. The girl behind the counter said they have their ‘pavement pounding’ signature sole. I jumped up and down and said ‘I’M A PAVEMENT POUNDER!!! Do you want to see my FitBit? and then I realised she didn’t know what I was talking about and I was officially being weird. So I just bought the shoes and left… but they’re awesome. Really comfortable and indeed you can pound the pavement in them.


Uashmama Tote

I first saw Uashmama bags in Spacecraft on Gertrude St and could not stop stroking them. They’re made of washable paper that feels like leather. It’s like science and design had a classy baby. Anyway, all the bags they stock are white. They’re gorgeous but because I’m a little grub I need something a bit darker to cover up my chocolate and red wine stains, so I visited the website and bought one of these babies. It arrived yesterday and I love it. It’s massive so I can fit my laptop in it but it’s really light as well so it doesn’t add to the weight of all the crap I lug around with me everywhere. They have so much awesome stuff so visit their site – link in the heading. 


Randolph Sunglasses

These are actually men’s sunglasses but Mr Smags has had a pair for a few years and absolutely swears by them. I was sick and tired of paying $200 for plastic fashion sunglasses with a brand name on them so I bit the bullet and bought a pair of their simple aviators with mirror finish and bright chrome. With a discount voucher they cost me $130 including shipping and I love them. They’re super slim so they can fit in my small hand bags and I’ve had no less than four people call me a rock star while I’ve been wearing them. Money well spent.

* 2nd Edit: I asked Mr Smaggle to proof read this post before I published it and he said ‘Um… maybe you should mention that they’re US Military issue sunglasses for Top Gun pilots and NASA astronauts. I think your readers would want to know that they could fucking fly INTO SPACE wearing these sunglasses. Okay? And Don Draper and Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor wear them too. They are extremely cool sunglasses.’ Got that guys? These sunglasses are EXTREMELY cool.

* 3rd Edit: After checking the 2nd edit he said this: ‘They’re OFFICIAL US Military issue. There’s a difference.’ I think you all need to buy some Randolphs or Mr Smaggle is going to lose his shit.


Metalicus Skirt

This isn’t the exact skirt I have (mine is longer and little less ruched) but I’ve had my eye on it for years. I finally stopped by the Bridge Road discount outlet and it was 40% off. Sold. Best. Purchase. Ever.


Swedish Hasbeens

I’ve had my eye on these for years and I finally bought them in January. I got mine on Amazon (for about $160 including postage) and they were an excellent purchase. I’m in the process of wearing them in but I’m so close to being able to wear them all day. They go with practically everything. I think I’m going to get some of their ankle boots for winter too.


What have you bought recently that you love? Links in the comments please!