What To Wear To Your Brother’s Wedding

What To Wear To Your Brother’s Wedding

t’s a bit of a spesh outfit post on Smaggle today – my outfit for my brother’s wedding!

He got married last week to his long-time partner who I love very much. I just love weddings where the couple getting married is a no brainer and you can just hang out with people and have a grand old time.

The wedding was super casual – held at a bar and there wasn’t really a dress code. I borrowed this dress from Nikki from Styling You for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in a year ago and I just loved it. It’s so glam and so comfy. It’s like wearing a giant sequinned t-shirt. I can also dance like a mofo in it. I don’t like being restricted in my dancing and this is like wearing sports gear. I can go full Beyonce in this. I wore this to another wedding and almost completed ‘the lift’ from Dirty Dancing in it.

I also somehow managed to not get a proper outfit shot – I’m the worst blogger in the world – but here’s a photo of my whole family. And no – my dress matching the brides was not planned. Giant accident. No one cared (least of all the bride) but I did die a little inside. People who wear white to weddings are the actual worst and now I feel like I’m one of them. Sob!

What To Wear To Your Brother’s Wedding


Leona Edmiston dress borrowed (for the third time!) from the lovely Nikki – this dress is no longer available but if anyone sees one anywhere second hand, please let me know. I want this dress in my life forever – size 4 please.

I did wear shoes but I wasn’t allowed to wear heels on the bowls grass. I wore a nude closed toe, dolly style shoe for those who are interested.

What To Wear To Your Brother’s Wedding

That moment when your sister-in-law wears a similar dress to your bridal gown at your own damn wedding. Am I right?

There’s honestly not too much to report from the wedding but it was bloody good fun. It was my first proper night drinking alcohol all year so I took it easy and wasn’t even hung over the next day. In fact Mr Smaggle and I were tucked into bed with cups of tea just before midnight. Ace.

What’s been your most favourite wedding outfit you’ve ever worn? Or the worst? Do you have an outfit you really regret wearing to a wedding?


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  1. Jasmine 1 month ago

    Awwww you all looked so lovely ?What a beautiful wedding it must have been, congratulations to Rhino and Sal!

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