5 Ways To Get Your Shit Together in 2017

5 Ways To Get Your Shit Together in 2017
Carly Jacobs

on’t you just love the beginning of a New Year? It’s like the clean sheet day of life. It’s the perfect time to plan out some challenges or get started thinking about ways to tackle some bad habits.

This year I’m focussing on my new business and my health. Neither are doing badly – in fact both are pretty great at the moment – I just want both to be spectacular so those are my focusses for 2017.

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Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you want and what you should be concentrating on. Also lots of people like to be held accountable for stuff so challenges are a great way to get on board. I’ve run several challenges over the years and they’ve been amazing – there’s just something about doing things as a group that just gets everyone going. If you’re keen to join some cool challenges this year here are a few I’ve done in the past that are pretty ace.

The Minimalist Game

I did this last year and it was a game changer. It stopped me from buying useless shit through out the year and made me really value what I buy and where it comes from. Massive money saver too. There’s really nothing to lose. I’m a minimalist for life now. To the point where I don’t want presents anymore – seriously unless it’s wine, I don’t want it.


Speaking of wine, I love a glass of wine (or four) but I just function SO MUCH better without alcohol in my system, so I’m going to try (very hard) to go alcohol free for the first three months of the year. It’s a big goal but I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and I’m feeling like now is the time. If three months is too scary, try giving FebFast a go. I usually do Dry July and Oct-Sober too just give my body a bit of a cleanse. If you’re keen to join you can sign up here.

Smaggle Salad A Day

I started a little challenge in December a few years ago and lots of you gorgeous creatures joined in. I’m doing it again for January this year but this time there’s no prompts – just a simple salad every day. If you want to play along just snap a photo of your salad and hashtag it #smagglesaladaday so I can be a sticky beak and see what you’re eating.

The Whole 30 

I’ve been meaning to give this another crack after failing spectacularly at it last year so I’m giving it another go this year. It’s pretty much a month where you eat nothing but meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and eggs. I eat like this most of the time but this will force me to ditch my too milky teas, after dinner treats and mid-week sushi rolls. I’m looking forward to eating clean for a month and resetting my eating habits. If you’re keen to join me details are here.

20 Minutes A Day 

I remember reading somewhere last year that a supermodel or actress (I want to say Kate Hudson but then again I could be lying) exercises for just 20 minutes every day. It sounds so bloody achievable doesn’t it? If you’re a bit adverse to exercise why not give this a go? It’s a great way to give yourself a focus and small achievable way to get yourself moving every day.

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Are you doing any challenges this year? Anything you’d like to work on in 2017?


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P.S If one of your goals is to learn to crochet, now is the time to sign up for Crochet Coach. I’m launching a beginner bootcamp this month. So if you respond well to challenges and people holding you accountable… get on it now!


  1. KezUnprepared 7 months ago

    I am back on board with #MakeLifeGood with Fatmum Slim! The first challenge is 5000 steps a day – very realistic for this time of year!
    I challenged myself last year (during my son’s 4th term of school) to eat low carb (it’s what suits me best) and exercise lots – I lost 5kg and felt amazing inside and out! I am going to do it every school term from here on out. I love that it felt like a lifestyle and not just a phase I was going through.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 months ago

      I’m a low carb fiend – starchy carbs and gluten just bloat me. I feel so much about life in general when I’m eating low carb and heaps of veg!

  2. theplumbette 7 months ago

    Happy New Year lovely. I’m still in holiday mode but I do want to change some bad habits this year. Like not eating chocolate for lunch. Hope you have an amazing year. xx

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 months ago

      HA! That’s a big one – it becomes so normal to be like ‘Let’s have beer for lunch!’ 🙂

  3. Hannah 7 months ago

    Happy New Year! The hubs and I are trying to cut out unhealthy snacking and sugary drinks. I’m not a snacker so that one’s more him, but I do need to stop with my sweet tea. #southerngirlprobs
    I also have started a new book list for the year. I beat my list last year and looking to do it again this year. Cheers to a new year!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 months ago

      Cheers to you too! What is sweet tea? Like iced tea? Where abouts are you from? I love little things like that. My biggest thing is midnight vegemite on toast. 🙂

      • Hannah 6 months ago

        I live in Central Florida, and yes, sweet tea is iced tea. But in the South, we generally put anywhere from a cup and a half to 2 cups of sugar in a gallon of it. So it’s very, very sweet. Once you start traveling up to the more northern states, they’ll look at you like you have 3 heads if you ask for sweet tea. They mainly leave theirs completely unsweetened.

  4. I guess you can call it a challenge, I’m doing a Don’t-Break-the-Chain thing where I try to do one habit every day for the year. I’ve been stretching first thing after getting up in the morning. Nothing crazy, just a few yoga-type poses to warm up and get the kinks out of my joints. It’s only been a few days, but I’m already noticing a difference.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 months ago

      Oh I want to do some more stretching – I’m naturally quite bendy but if I let it go I can get quite tight. Do you have an app or something you use?

  5. Vehs 6 months ago

    I’d be keen for updates on your Whole30 – my husband and I did it a few years ago and while I was certainly healthier I had some weird lady problems and now am too scared to cut out dairy and grains again.

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