5 Ways To Make Your Mornings Freaking Delightful

5 Ways To Make Your Mornings Freaking Delightful
Carly Jacobs

ornings are hard. Especially the first one after a weekend and especially if you have to get up early. We can all wake up at 6am but I don’t think any of us is super excited about it. Also if you’re a bit tired and not super enthused about the events of the day it can be pretty difficult to get yourself out of bed.

10,000 steps

These are a few things I do when I’m trying to make my mornings a little bit more delightful, especially when I’m really not feeling it!

1. Make yourself a wake up playlist

Pick your favourite four or five songs and make yourself a playlist to get ready to in the morning. After a few days you’ll roughly know how long you have before a song ends so you can time tasks to last for the duration of a song.

Song 1 – Eat breakfast
Song 2 – Have a shower
Song 3 – Get dressed and do make-up
Song 4 – Pack your bag and get out the door

It’s a great trick for people who are often running late or who respond well to audio cues. It’s also just awesome because who doesn’t want to start their day with a personal disco?

2. Check the weather forecast and lay out your clothes the night before

This always seems like a really obvious thing but it really does bear repeating. It takes all the guess-work out of choosing your clothes in the morning and you won’t waste precious minutes looking for a particular item of clothing. Have everything all laid out the night before, including underwear. It saves SO much time in the morning and stops you from getting your grumps on when you can’t find your favourite shoes at 6am. It also does have to be weather dependant – it stops you running back inside for a raincoat or jumper if it’s cold or raining.

3. Start the day with something you love doing

One of the main reasons why people hate mornings is because most mornings are full of things that aren’t pleasant. Exercise, commutes, emails, traffic. What if you woke up half an hour earlier and did something you love like reading, drawing or watching an episode of your favourite show? This small incentive might help you jump out of bed in the morning a little easier and will get your day off to a beautiful start. Sometimes I purposefully start the day by reading a chapter of my book and it’s delightful!

4. Start your day with an in-bed meditation session

Lying in bed and trying to convince yourself to get up is torture but if you get a mediation app (I like Buddhify) and listen to a positive meditation as you wake up, it totally changes your head space. It re-sets your mind and helps you start your day with a clear head and a positive attitude.

5. Move your alarm clock

A few years ago, I banned my phone from my bedroom overnight and I’ve never looked back. I keep my phone in the living room and when my alarm goes off, I have to stand up and leave the bedroom to turn it off. Once you stand up, it’s harder to go back to bed so this is a brilliant trick for those of you that hit the snooze button too many times in the morning.

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What’s your morning routine? Do have any practices in place to get yourself out of bed in the morning?


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P.S If you’re looking for something super delightful to do in the morning, why not try crochet?


  1. Lisa Adams 1 year ago

    I totally concur with the idea of leaving the phone outside the bedroom and am in full agreement with keeping the bedroom screen free (I’ve listened to the podcast!). Having your alarm out of reach means you have to get up. Once you’re up, you’re up!!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      Oh thanks for listening! Yes it’s my most favourite trick! And one I miss when I stay in hotel rooms.

  2. Reannon 1 year ago

    I love the idea of a morning playlist! I’m gonna get in that stat!!
    As a mum I have no choice but to start my day as soon as my feet hit the ground. Some morning if we are up super early, like 4.30am, I lie around looking at crap on my phone but for the most part I just get moving along with all the morning stuff.
    And you’ve reminded me that I need to go back to leaving my phone in the kitchen at night ?

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      Oh do it! It makes SUCH a big difference. It’s just a habit of mine now. The phone doesn’t go near the bedroom!

  3. KT 1 year ago

    I love the morning playlist idea! I’m always running late in the morning, because I faff around too much. Audio cues would definitely help me!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      I’m on auto pilot with mine now – it’s like a choreographed dance now! 🙂

  4. Bella Partridge 1 year ago

    Love these ideas! I’m a naturally really early riser (like, 5:30am without an alarm) and I actually love being able to take my time in the mornings, maybe watch a bit of a show, organise my lunch and get my coffee on the way to work. But I have never had a morning playlist so I think I will definitely add that in!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      Oh my goodness I’m so jealous of you! I can’t believe you can just get up naturally at 5.30 am like that. I’m a night owl who does her best work in the morning – it’s a bit of a nightmare! 🙂

  5. sunny 1 year ago

    I agree with your list! I choose my clothes the night before and set items for work that I need – by the door. I also set up my smoothie dry ingredients in a little jar, set out a banana, make sure the blender pitcher is washed and ready to go, put out the glass for the smoothie, the spoon for the peanut butter, etc. So in the morning, I don’t have to think. I can make the smoothie easily.

    I’ve been tweaking my morning routing this week because I was in denial that getting ready took as long as it really does. (Am reading the book Work Clean – about using the chef’s concept of “mise en place” in your work and persona life. Fascinating book. I can’t put it down! It’s already helped me at home and at work.)

    So now I am getting up a bit earlier to allow for it. My schedule is: By 5:30 AM, my alarm has gone off (I use a sleep app that monitors my sleep and wakes me in a 30-minute window before my set alarm time so that I wake up when I’m in a lighter sleep rather than a deep sleep). I also need some stare-into-space time. At or before 6 AM I take a shower- and then I do a few workout moves. 6:30 – I make my smoothie then sip it slowly while watching a favorite show I’ve recorded. I know that by 7:10, I need to get dressed, put on some makeup, and dry my hair. I have yet to do that at 7:10. Usually I get absorbed into a show and don’t want to turn it off, so at 7:20 AM I rush around – dressing in the clothes I set aside the night before, putting on light makeup, and drying my hair quickly (don’t ask if I’ve ever used the heater in my car on my commute as a hairdryer) (the answer is yes – three times). I have to leave by 7:30 (or 7:35 at the latest) to arrive at work on time.

    So really, if I needed to, I could get up at 7 AM and get ready quickly and run out the door, but I kinda like having built in time to stare into space and get ready and watch a show.

    I told this to a friend this week and she says she hates a busy commute in the city she lives in, so she leaves super early for work and does her settling in – waking up time – at the office before others arrive.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      Oh I like the idea of having the dry ingredients all ready to go! I have the frozen stuff in little bags in the freezer but I’ve always got my dry stuff all over the pace. I get ready pretty quickly in the morning. I really value sleep and I’m also a night owl so those two things don’t really mix very well.

      • sunny 1 year ago

        What do you put in the bags for the freezer for your smoothie?


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