5 Ways to Wear White and Keep It Clean All Day

Is there anyone in this world who can properly keep a white dress clean all day? I have this thing where I think I attract more stains and grime when I wear white but of course that’s not true, it’s just that I can see it more on white clothing. I do love white though. It’s so crisp, clean and modern. I always feel polished in white. Up until I spill my coffee on myself and then I just look like a giant grot.

wear white and keep it clean


Dress from COS

Shoes hand crocheted by me with a kit from Wool and the Gang

I’m also carrying my BOSE headphones which are the greatest things in the world. I’m seriously in love with them.

Tips for wearing white…

Don’t sit in stupid places

I generally like to sit in grass when I’m wearing white like the prize moron I am, so my advice is to not do this. Avoid park benches, grass and dirty surfaces. Try not to lean against things either. I once leaned up against an old train at a museum while wearing a white dress and ended up with 100 years of steam engine gunk on me. Hot. Just imagine a white dress bubble if you will and don’t allow anything to come in that bubble. Also be careful with supermarket shopping baskets rubbing up against your side when you’re wandering around the supermarket. There’s so much produce grime and slime on them that will transfer straight to your pearl white dress. Gross.

Put your dress on seconds before you leave the house

If you’re going to wear white, don’t put your white dress on first thing when you get up. Think about brides – when do they put on their dresses? A nano second before the hire car arrives. Act like a bride and don’t put that dress on until the very last minute.

Tuck a napkin down your front… and put one in your lap… and down the sides of your chair…

I don’t care about looking like a loser for ten minutes to save my dress. I’ve been known to make a five napkin shield right down my front to stop myself from spilling dinner down my front.

Make sure your takeaway coffee lid is on super tight

This is a killer. If you don’t trust your takeaway coffee cup, pour the coffee into a mug when you get back to your office. Coffee stains are also so not removable – you can’t rinse a coffee stain out in the bathroom sink. Best avoid these altogether by being very takeaway coffee aware.

Don’t wear lipstick

I make this mistake often because bright pink lipstick looks so gorgeous with a fresh white dress but I will definitely end up with a smear on my collar. I tend to do eyeliner instead on white dress days for the whole Bridget Bardot mod look. My eyes are further away from my white clothing than my lips so it tends to be a bit safer.

Avoid my mum

She WILL pour a full glass of red wine on you but only if you’re wearing white. Christmas Day is her favourite time to do this but weddings and birthdays are still up there.

This outfit was worn for Sunday brunch with my lovely friends who were visiting from out of town, an afternoon of slamming through my Sunday to do list – I do all my admin stuff on Sundays so I wake up with a clean slate on Mondays. I also re-Kon Maired a bit and ditched some clothes and things. I do love a Sunday of organisation!

Do you wear white ever? How do you manage to keep it clean?

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  1. Missy D 12 months ago

    I often wear white tops or white blazers, it is a day I generally try to be super aware of things I’m doing. I just try to do things like lean over my plate when eating, come to the food rather than bringing the food to you. I have made the mistake of wearing white to things like Christmas parties where lots of booze are involved – mistake.

  2. Harlow 12 months ago

    I am a primary school teacher and I wear white to work a lot – my colleagues think it’s hilarious! I don’t know how but I have managed to so far not get anything on my white dresses despite being around children crafting and eating. Ironically it’s days when I haven’t worn white that I have got paint on my clothes so I’m probably just subconsciously really careful on the days that I do wear white. Or just lucky. Also, those shoes are crazy awesome!

  3. bronwats 12 months ago

    White is neverrr an option for me. Hell, light colours and me aren’t friends. I’m so messy it’s like there’s a toddler that invades my head when I wear anything remotely easily stained! Ah well. I fit in here in Melbs though at least haha.

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