9 Cute and Sweet Weekend Activities

9 Cute and Sweet Weekend Activities
Carly Jacobs

really struggle with coming up with ideas for things sometimes. My whole job is ideas. I’m a content creator for myself and several other businesses so I spend most of my day being an ideas woman so by the time something like dinner rocks around, I’m done. I can’t think of a single thing to cook because I’ve used up all my ideas for the day. The idea well has run dry. I also don’t really care about dinner. I’m mildly annoyed at the inevitable mortality of being a human actually. I’d much rather be a glittery vampire who can live without sleep or food. Like why hasn’t science sorted this shit out? Geez.

Weekend Activities

It’s the same with thinking up weekend activities. I do work most weekends but if I find myself all caught up and with a little bit of free time, I’m often stumped as to how to spend it. I have literally googled ‘weekend activities’. How unoriginal is that?

So like the good little Type A Virgo I am, I’ve started keeping little tallies of things I like so I’m not left paralysed from indecision on a Saturday afternoon when I’m looking for something to do. Here’s my hit list.

1. Walk on grass with bare feet

Go on a picnic and play lawn bowls or frisbee in bare feet. This suggestion gets bandied about quite frequently on the old interwebs but it’s really very magical when you do it. I don’t do it nearly often enough so I’ve added it to this list as a reminder of how rad it is.

2. Call your favourite friend who lives far away and chat to them for a while

When my bestie lived in New Zealand we’d have a standing date each week where we’d have a glass of wine and a chat via Skype. We’d make a proper time to do it and carve out an hour or two. It was such a lovely thing to do on a weekend and I really looked forward to it. Of course now she’s back in Melbourne we do it in real life but it was lovely to not miss out on that while she lived away.

Weekend Activities

3. Read something frivolous

Sometimes I love re-reading my favourite childhood books by Roald Dahl or Robin Klein. Not that they’re frivolous but there’s an air frivolity when you re-read something isn’t there? Even vintage magazines or comic books. Something totally enjoyable and digestible. I once bought ten Frankie magazines at an op-shop for $10, read them all in an afternoon at the park and donated them back on my way home. Money well spent. I looked at it as a charity donation hire fee.

4. Bake some fancy biscuits with piped icing and decorations

Makes something really fancy for no reason – look on those crazy being sites and make a unicorn cake or some of those crazy decorated cookies. The best bit about this is that if you screw it up, no one will ever know! Ugly cookies can be delicious so just scoff them yourself. If you succeed – invite some people over for a spontaneous afternoon tea.

weekend activities

5. Visit a market or go op-shopping

Op-shops are usually located in out-of-the-way places so make an afternoon of it and hit up your favourite op shops. In my experience they’re usually near awesome yarn, beading or craft stores too and if you’re lucky there might just be an amazing cafe around the corner with a killer sandwich menu. I love finding amazing cafes. There’s an excellent sandwich shop in Belconnen across from where the Belco Bead Street (where I used to work when I was at uni and I’m pretty sure it’s closed now!) used to be and they did THE BEST salad sangas. I’ll have to stop by for one of their bad boys next time I’m in town.

6. Get a takeaway coffee and wander around an art gallery

This is one of the cheapest and loveliest things you can do. Lots of art galleries have free permanent collections so it’s a very cost effective activity. Even if they don’t have a free collection, art gallery gift shops rock – I could spend hours in the NGV gift shop. Tip: Don’t take your credit card. Buying a $200 minimalist jug from an art gallery gift store is the quickest way to turn a money saving activity into a very not-money saving activity.

Weekend Activities

7. Make popcorn and watch your favourite movie

Actually watch it. Turn the lights down, have your snacks ready and just escape for an afternoon. Don’t feel guilty – everyone needs some time out every now and then and sometimes you need to spend your free afternoons being very, very still. It’s all about balance.

8. Make a kite and fly it in the park

Mr Smaggle and I recently bought some kites at Aldi and flew them up at his family farm. It was so much fun – we popped them in the shed for next time. It was just lovely, wholesome, unplugged few hours. I highly recommend it.

9. Treat yourself to a fancy lunch with a glass of wine

Do it on your own if you can manage it. Mr Smaggle was a away a few weekends ago so I took myself out for lunch. I read my book, ordered fancy mineral water and just hung out with myself. It was simply brilliant.

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What are you favourite stand by weekend activities? What are you up to this weekend?


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  1. Missy D 12 months ago

    We often go to the Planetarium – it’s super fun and interesting (if you like space things like we do)!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      Oh we love space things. THat’s a great idea!

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