9 Ways To Ditch The Holiday Blues

9 Ways To Ditch The Holiday Blues
Carly Jacobs

kind of suck at holidays. Mr Smaggle does too. Last year we went on two working holidays and we were more exhausted when we got back than when we left. We try to do the relaxing by the pool/beach holidays but they’re just not our style. I think it’s because we’re a bit scared of the holiday blues… they come and get you at weird times when you’re supposed to be the most relaxed and happy you’ve been all year. I also don’t feel good unless I’ve done something productive, even on holidays. If you’re the same you need to employ these little tips to help you beat those nasty holiday sads…


1. Move your butt

When you aren’t working everyday you remove at least half of your incidental activity like walking to your building, going up and down stairs and running around your office. I cannot stress enough how detrimental inactivity is for your mental health and general health as well. Go do a load of washing, walk to get a coffee or have a spring clean. Get up and get some shit done. Yes it’s a holiday but that isn’t an excuse to go all slug puddle on the situation. No one said holidays weren’t for moving.

2. Learn how to do something

Holidays are the perfect time to learn to crochet, do some lettering, paint something and tackle that giant DIY craft board you’ve spent 2 years making on Pinterest. Now is the time grasshopper… get to it!

3. Write lists

Of things that you want to get done over the holidays, of things that you want to achieve in the new year or of things that you want to achieve in five years time. The problem with the holidays is that often we feel purposeless as we are not working or studying. You don’t have to DO anything on the lists just simply writing them will give you a sense of clarity and help you relax.

4. Volunteer

See what volunteer programs are available in your area – you might like to walk dogs at your local shelter or volunteer at a food van. At the very least you should give blood because holidays are when blood is needed the most. It will make you feel all glowy inside I promise!

5. Eat well

Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve are your only free days over the holidays. Don’t think that if you eat sugar, refined carbohydrates, salt and fat for your whole holiday that you’ll feel good. You won’t. Eat some salad, have some salmon. Perhaps an apple? I promise you’ll feel better.

6. Sleep… but not too much

Avoid the temptation to over sleep and try to stick to your normal sleeping patterns. A few sleep ins or late nights here and there won’t hurt.

7. Unplug

Checking your Facebook, blog, Twitter and email twenty times while you’re on holiday just isn’t necessary. Turn the damn things off and get outside, read a book or talk to three dimensional people.

8. Avoid alcohol

It’s a depressant, it really is. By all means have a glass (or 4!) of champers on New Year but don’t waste your yearly recovery time on being hungover.

9. Get dressed

Properly. Every day. There’s something about the holidays that turns even the best of us into slobs. If you look good, you feel good. Oh and just a side note to those in the Southern Hemisphere who spend the holidays at the beach – the ocean? It’s not a shower. So don’t treat it like one.

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Do you suffer from the holiday blues? How do you get your head back in the holiday game?


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