A day in the life of Browny and Lady…

A day in the life of Browny and Lady…
Carly Jacobs

In honour of my last day working with Browny (which is actually tomorrow) I have compiled a photo diary of a day in the life of Browny and Lady Smaggle. I’m sorry if this bores you but she has taken my outfit shot every day for two years and I’m giving her a tribute because she is magnificent. My blog owes her. And I’m going to miss her terribly. Here is a fairly typical day in the life of us…

9am – Arrived at work. Checked emails. Opened mail. Watched this on you tube. Ate some chocolate that we saw on the lunch table and stole. Went back for more chocolate.

10.30am – Went to get our coffee from Pete, our favourite coffee guy. If anyone but Pete makes our coffee it takes like lukewarm dishwater. Pete is the man.

10.40am – Drank our coffee in the sun. Ate a Freddo frog. Vowed not to eat any more chocolate today.

12am – Ate a shit load of fruit and almonds.

1.30am – Ate our lunch on the grass. Got bitten by ants.

3pm – Ate a banana. Went outside to take outfit shot. This is Browny taking my picture. She obviously isn’t holding the camera (because I have it. Der.) but this is the angle that she takes it at everyday.

5.30pm – Went for a walk up Mt Ainslie. Regretted the choice of bright pink socks.

8.30pm to …? – Went to a bar to see our friend in a gig. Drank a lot of gin. Stumbled home at god knows what time.

We are not feeling great today. But googling baby hedgehogs has made the day go a whole lot faster.

Feel free to leave a message for Browny in the comments! I know I’m acting like she is dying but I’ve spent 8 hours a day with this girl for two years and I didn’t kill her. That’s special.

For Browny.

Love Lady Smaggle





  1. katie 9 years ago

    this is so cute!
    &what’s even better is that i can recognise every single place in these photos! cbr represent. *is nerdy*

  2. Nadist 9 years ago

    Tell Browny I LURRVE her Dalian tee big-time! It’s beyond cool . . (I totally want one, can you tell?)

  3. Browny 9 years ago

    Thanks, Nadist! I got the t-shirt from http://shop.cafepress.com/dalian
    I’m a total Dalian/Sinophile as I misspent a good deal of my youth there 🙂

  4. amanda 9 years ago

    this is such a gorgeous post. you girls are too cute.

  5. Amanda 9 years ago

    this is cute, love it! hope you’re having fun!

  6. E 9 years ago

    Browny – we salute you!

  7. ScribblesNZ 9 years ago

    You rock Browny! A gold star for you for your years of servitude to the fashion masses.

  8. nat 9 years ago

    Gorgeous photos ladies. Your eyes ‘glow’ in the first shot and I wouldn’t mind being served coffee every morning by Pete! But who will take your photos now?

    Forgive my from-outta-nowhere comments (looonngg time lurker), but I need to ask you a serious question Smaggle. How do you store your infinite number of accessories? I have so many bangles and necklaces but very limited storage space! The result is a messy tangle in a large shoe box and I often forget that I own so many nice pieces (which means I buy more and more!). I need to work out a way of storing them so they are easy to access and always in sight, but doesn’t look too messy or ugly. Can you help???

    Ta muchly!

  9. Sharne 9 years ago

    I can tell that Browny rocks all the way from Liverpool England.

    S x

  10. Jen 9 years ago

    You guys have the best hair!

  11. Sal 9 years ago

    How sad to leave her behind! Browny, you have mad photographic skillz and we’ll all miss you.

  12. Jen 9 years ago

    This is a totally sweet tribute post! I loved reading it & learning more about her since you’re always talking about her. 🙂

  13. Kate 9 years ago

    Aw Browny is super cute! Hey Browny – start a blog !! But really, great photos… & I hope you didn’t take any of the crap comments from yesterday to heart, particularly about losing weight, you look fantastic.

  14. Kate 9 years ago

    ps: meant to say, your barista is a bit of a hottie.

  15. Browny – it’s your DUTY to the fashion masses to start your very own blog. Tout de suite! If only to keep in touch with Lady S on a daily basis. Your photography is lovely and we already love you xx
    PS Lady S – if anything you need to GAIN a couple of kg’s! Idiots. You look amazing x

  16. Mel 9 years ago

    cute coffee guy!

    and browny is pretty!

    and you SO dont need to loose weight! i was just thinking while looking at the pics that you had a great figure!

  17. Eyeliah 9 years ago

    Goodness! lol, great day. She has been quite the staple in this blog.

  18. Kerrin 9 years ago

    Hi to Browny – and thanks for all the great pics!! And those baby hedgehogs are divine – I want one….

  19. Showa59 9 years ago

    First of all, why have you been hiding Browny form us all this time!? She is cute! Thank you Browny for helping out your friend Lady Smaggle here to share her style with us

    Second..WHOA now Pete! And he makes good coffee!? Swoon


  20. nat 9 years ago

    Sorry about asking silly question Smaggle – was sifting through some older posts of yours and found the one about jewellery storage. I am in need of an “iron lady” now…

  21. Marianne 9 years ago

    What a sweet post!

  22. WendyB 9 years ago

    Oh noes! Who can replace her as outfit photographer?

  23. kat 9 years ago

    I think you’re totally hotness just the way you are. (I haven’t read your blog in a little while, it’s nice to come back to such lovely posts..! 🙂

    I know what you mean re: certain people making your coffee otherwise it tastes bleh. My favourite hot chocolate maker now only works during random hours on the weekends (when I’m not at work), so now I have to retract the (imaginary, in-my-head) offer for him to carry my babies.. *sigh*

    Your coffee guy is quite delightfully cheeky looking.. I’d love to ask whence one may find this coffee establishment… ? 😉

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