What’s Smaggle?

It’s a place dedicated to helping you win at life. It’s based on a triangle of goodness.

Health – Productivity – Style

I give no bullshit, straight up, honest advice on how to get your shit together and how to find systems that work for you, so you can be the best version of yourself – because you really deserve that you know?

I always feel my best when my body feels good, my life is sorted and I’m surrounded by functional, gorgeous stuff. It’s not about spending a lot of money or being being totally obsessive about a new fitness routine or eating plan. It’s just solid, ongoing advice to keep you motivated to be an ace human.

Plus I’m a bit of a guinea pig, constantly trying things out so I tend to know what’s good simply because I’ve tried everything. I do the leg work and give you the best bits.

No I mean the word Smaggle? What does that mean?

It’s a word I made up – it’s a cross between a smash and snuggle. Like when you hold a baby kitten and you want to squeeze it really hard or when you’re with someone you really love and you just want to squish their face a bit. It’s like being a little bit too excited about everything. That’s a smaggle.

I’m Carly

Writer, podcaster, presenter and general life enthusiast. I’m basically walking FOMO.

I started Smaggle in 2007 (yep – it’s 10 years old) originally as a daily style blog. I started talking about gym classes I was trying, self help books I was reading, podcasts I was listening to and it just evolved into a place where people came for life advice.

Technically I live in Melbourne in Fitzroy, with my partner Mr Smaggle (he has a real name but I used once years ago and everyone freaked out so it’s back to Mr Smaggle again – oh by the way he sleep talks and it’s hilarious. Search the Smaggle Facebook page for #sleeptalkingboyfriend if you need a giggle today) but we travel a lot so you’ll find us in Canberra, Sydney, on the NSW coast, Brisbane or Tasmania several times a year too.

We currently don’t have a pet but watch this space because there’s definitely a dog or goat or both in my future.

Let’s hang out

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There’s a Smaggle facebook page where I’m always chatting to my readers about super important things like whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza and which famous #dogsofinstagram is the cutest. Follow here and for the record it’s Boo.

The Smaggle Crew is a Facebook group where dedicated Smaggle readers set goals and cheer other on to achieve them. We’re doing a three month goal sprint at the moment – do join us!

I tweet sometimes but unless you want to see me ranting about people who push in the deli line at the supermarket, you may want to avoid following me there. Unless ranting is your thing, then follow away. I also fan girl J.K Rowling a lot over there.

I don’t like Pinterest.