Ask Me Anything…

Ask Me Anything…
Carly Jacobs

The first time I wrote an ask me anything post it was back in 2009. I got over 300 responses. It was insane. My readership has quadrupled at least since then but engagement has dropped a lot. That’s cool. People have lives to live, they’re busy. Also most people read my blog on their phone these days and typing out long replies on your phone can be a touch tedious.

I stopped doing those kinds of posts because I wasn’t sure if people really wanted them but then a blogger I follow did one recently and I jumped in and asked her what happened to the housemate she used to live with. I loved her, she was hilarious and all of a sudden the blogger stopped mentioning her. She’d simply moved out – they’re still mates which is rad but this character I’d come to love had disappeared and it was nice to get the opportunity to ask about her. Not that it’s my right to know about it, I just felt like I was a part of their little flat and I liked hearing that everything was peachy with her. It made me feel good.

This week on Straight & Curly we had an Ask Us Anything session where we ask our readers to submit questions and we’d answer them. It’s here if you want to listen.

After recording this episode it got me thinking that there’s some of you out there who probably have a weird burning question you’ve been wanting to ask. Here’s your opportunity!

You can ask about anything – productivity, food, hair (this comes up a lot!), relationships, equipment I use, my podcasts – whatever you want to know, go for it. I do reserve the right to not answer questions I don’t feel comfortable answering but I’ve never had that happen so far. I’m an over-sharer from way back. I’ll pop all the answers together in a big ol’ post so you can you can all read the responses. You can ask anonymously too!

What’s something you’ve always wanted to ask me?

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  1. Missy D 11 months ago

    Really loved the podcast this week. Very sad you’re taking a break. -tear-

    Three questions!

    1. When will the podcast return? 😉
    2. I know you’ve spoken about how you’ve gotten to where you are before, but as a writer and communications person I’ve considered going freelance but am not sure how to build the networks. How did you manage to build your networks that bring in your work?
    3. A couple of times you’ve casually mentioned that you might be moving to Copenhagen next year – whaaat? Can you tell us more about this? Very exciting!

  2. Holly 11 months ago

    My question is…can you tell us more about your move out of teaching? I have just left my position due to stress issues….the culture of parent entitlement and teachers being expected to do or say whatever it takes to keep parents happy. I am doing studies in Special Ed while having a sabbatical, but I am not keen to return to fulltime classroom teaching. Do you think you will ever work as a teacher again, or is that something you are keen to leave in the past?

  3. Emma 11 months ago

    Random…. How would you feel if you woke up one morning and your hair was no longer curly?

  4. Christina @ Hair Romance 11 months ago

    When are you next coming to Sydney?

  5. Christina @ Hair Romance 11 months ago

    What true crime books would you recommend I read next? (just finished the stranger beside me and a mother’s reckoning)

  6. Kelly 11 months ago

    Super random question but this intrigues me about people … are you still friends (like good friends not just FB friends) with someone you went to school with? Primary or high school.

  7. Claudia 11 months ago

    Hi from Austria?

    How old are you?
    What’s your favourite colour?
    How did you meet ‘straight’ (Kelly)?

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Theresa 11 months ago

    What do you eat in an average week now with your LCHF routine?
    Thanks Theresa

  9. Judith Westhoff 11 months ago

    I am going to Bali for the first time in September and staying in Ubud. Any recommendations for must do, see or eat?

  10. Gro 10 months ago

    How do you find a good hairdresser?

  11. Kaye 4 months ago

    Do you want, and are you planning to have children of your own?

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