What To Wear When You’re Chilling Out At Home

What To Wear When You’re Chilling Out At Home
Carly Jacobs

onfession: I don’t own tracksuit pants. I just feel so frumpy and bloaty in them. I’ve seen people look quite excellent in tracksuit pants but I’m certainly not one of them. I’m a strict comfy cotton dress, semi-cute cardigan and head scarf gal when I’m chilling out at home. Then I’ll chuck on a necklace and decent shoes if I leave the house. Please excuse my spotty leg… I got bitten by a million mosquitos a full month ago and my skin just will not get over it.



* Dress from Gorman *

* Shoes hand made by me from a kit from Wool and The Gang *

*Necklace and bangles from Dinosaur Designs *

* Sunglasses from Bailey Nelson *

This outfit was worn for a very chilled day working from home. This week has been bliss – I’m back to work for myself but not for my clients which means I’ve had the full week to work on my own stuff. Such a huge luxury! I’ve been finishing work at around 7pm every night instead of midnight. I obviously adore my clients (I’m actually super lucky – I’m currently free from dickheads at the moment – how ace is that?) but it’s a lot of work and time that gets taken away from my own stuff.


This is also the first Gorman dress I’ve ever bought. Can you believe it? I’ve tried on at least a dozen things in there but it just doesn’t fly with me. The waists are always too small and the busts are always way too big. This dress is just right though – It’s a Goldilocks dress.

What have you been up to so far this year? Chilled out loveliness? Crazy travel? Work?

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What are you up to this weekend? Any lovely plans?


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  1. Lisa 11 months ago

    You’ve inspired me to buy (and wear!) a couple of dresses. I’ve always been a real tomboy with my clothes, but find myself super comfortable wearing these dresses. So thank you!
    Also, do you have any tips for wearing headscarves and the like? Every time I try, it just feels like it’s sitting wrong.
    And girls night at the movies this weekend to watch La La Land 🙂

  2. FrillyFilly 11 months ago

    I have an almost identical dinosaur designs bangle, I am going to find it and wear it! I forgot how cute it is!!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 10 months ago

      I have this little collection that I’ve slowly collected over the years and I love them. I don’t need any more!

  3. Rebecca 10 months ago

    Love this dress!! I’ve never bought Gorman before, but I’m totally inspired by this. Can’t seem to find it on their website though, is it an older style? x

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