7 Random Cosmetics I’m Using Right Now

7 Random Cosmetics I’m Using Right Now
Carly Jacobs

I say ‘random cosmetics’ because all cosmetics and makeup that come into my life are random. I never know exactly what I’m looking for so coming up with my perfect kit of cosmetics has taken many years, lots of trial and error and often some skin issues along the way. I also don’t actually care about makeup that much. I like my makeup to look good and do it’s job but I have no interest in finding miracle products myself. I’d rather someone just tell me what to get. I love a makeup expert because they make the whole face of slap process so much less painful for me. Hot tip: Read Amazing Face by Zoe Foster Blake. It’s awesome, total no bullshit advice for people who don’t really know what they’re doing with make-up.

I usually do an outfit post on Fridays but I’m doing an outfit/face post.



Dress from Muji 

Shoes crocheted by me from a kit from Wool and The Gang

Bangles from Dinosaur Designs

Here’s what I’m using on my face right now…


1. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation 

I bought this in March this year because my brother was getting married and David Jones have this thing where you can get your makeup done for free if you spend $60 on product. So that’s how this miracle foundation came into my life and I bloody love it. I didn’t randomly select Laura Mercier though. I went to jewellery school with a woman who worked at Mecca and she would fan girl hard over all things Laura Mercier. This is probably my 5th Laura Mercier cover product and I have no complaints. It’s ace.

2. Bye Bye Under Eye from IT Cosmetics 

I’ve had this for so long the label has worn off. I use it every day and I love it. I was so stoked when I saw Chrissy from Hair Romance using it the other day because she was able to tell me where I got it from. You can grab it from Sephora and I highly recommend you do. I don’t think I’ll ever use another concealer, this one is so perfect.

3. Instain Blush from The Balm 

I just randomly grabbed this one day from David Jones and it’s pretty ace. Just gives a nice little rosy lift, particularly in winter when all the colour goes from my face.

4. Maybelline Full’N Soft Mascara 

Honestly? I don’t love this mascara. I’m a Telescopic gal and I will going back to that one after this one has had it but it’s not too bad for a supermarket buy.

5. L’Oreal Mat-Matic Superliner 

I don’t wear eyeliner all the time as a rule but every now and then I watch a Wes Anderson film and decide that eyeliner is an essential part of life. I’m in one of those phases now. I grabbed this at Priceline (I don’t really do the fancy make-up counter thing) and it’s great. Really creamy, slides on smoothly and lasts all day. Can’t ask for much more than that can you?


6. Marc Jacobs Liquid Liner 

I got two of these for free in a goody bag from Sephora and I’m totally in love. I didn’t even know that Marc Jacobs did make-up and then these things came into my life. Hands down the best liquid eye liner I’ve ever used and I say this because I’m rubbish at applying liquid eyeliner and this stuff is fool proof.

7. L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick in Oui La La 

I’m on my third tube of this stuff and it rocks. It’s now my signature colour. Have you read Eccentric Glamour by Simon Doonan? I’ts fabulous. He recommends finding your ideal lipstick shade and then buying 20 tubes of it so you never run out of it if it ends up discontinued. I might just have to do that with this lipstick. I love it so much.

What makeup are you using right now? What’s your number one recommendation?

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  1. Emily Furlong 11 months ago

    I use Arbonne skin care and I also use their foundation, primer and powder. Arbonne is the only brand who’s been able to colour match me perfectly. Weird because I’m a white woman with an average as hell skin tone. But apparently the base tone to my
    Skin is a bit different… so yeah.

    For eyes I use Napoleon Perdis because his products are BEAUTIFUL. And for brows I use Brow Magic by Poni Cosmetics. This brow kit has been LIFE CHANGING! I’m a natural blonde who does my hair dark and this kit help me to have a nice manicures natural looking brow. Love it.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I know of so many people who are hard core about Arbonne! I used it for a little while but it didn’t really play nice with my skin. I had an amazing Napolean lip gloss years ago that was amazing.

  2. Reannon 11 months ago

    I am not a make-up girl at all but I swear by Maybeline Falsies Volume Express mascara. I have pretty long eye lashes to start with but I constantly get asked what mascara I use & once an old lady came up to me in the supermarket & said she thought it was lovely that I’d wear false eyelashes while doing my groceries! I was 22 with a 1 year old baby, I was barely functioning let alone thinking of false eyelashes!
    A new thing my mate Honae got me into is a lash/brow kit, its called 1000 hour. I bought it to tiny my lashes but thought I’d do my brows too because they hadn’t been done since I was about 19. At first I was in shock because I looked like Groucho Marx but 3 days later I was loving my brows sick! Now I think I’ll do them every time I do my lashes. So good.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      Oh great recommendation! I’m not loving my current mascara so I’ll give this one a go. I’ve heard that 1000 hour tint kit is great. I was too nervous to try it but I just might on your recommendation.

  3. Dr Na 11 months ago

    I just started using Blinc mascara, which is a tubing mascara. I rub my eyes all the time so I’m constantly getting panda eyes even with waterproof mascara, but tubing mascara doesn’t come off until you wash it off. Perfect. I also like Becca Lip and Cheek tint for a bit of face colour. I wear BB cream but I don’t really care what sort – sometimes I splash out on La Roche Posay if it’s on special but mostly I switch between Loreal and Maybelline BBs.
    But all my time and energy goes on selecting skincare products. Moisturisers and serums. I started using Sukin a few weeks ago, which are quite good at the actual moisturising, smell nice, a cheap and vegan so I can assuage my guilt for every other product I use.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      Oh that sounds great – I rub my eyes all the time too! I’m so lazy with serum. I keep meaning to use it but then I just forget. I just wash my face and moisturise before bed.

  4. Kimberley 11 months ago

    Those InStain blushes are SO. GOOD. Love the wear on them and the colour range !

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I bought it on a whim and I absolutely love it. It’s going to last me for ages too. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for a NARS one in the post.

  5. Lizzie Fourman 11 months ago

    I wish I could make makeup look good on me but it makes me look weird, in my opinion. I think it’s just because I’ve lived 99% of my life au natural, if you know what I mean. I like the look you’re rocking, though! I wish I had your style but mine is more bohemian than anything else. I need to try finding skirts with pockets or else make my own skirts with pockets. I wonder if you can sew pockets into skirts that don’t already have them…

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I think it’s all about exposure. I wouldn’t be a make up wearer if I didn’t do dancing as a child because my mum doesn’t wear make up. It just wasn’t in the house unless it was for me for a show.

  6. Nikole Neal 11 months ago

    I’m also an Arbonne girl. I don’t wear a lot of make up and their primer is divine and the foundation is really light so i don’t feel like i am wearing pancake! I mostly just use the CC cream and eye shadow, liner, mascara and lip gloss.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      You sell Arbonne don’t you? I’ve heard really great things about it but I tried it and my skin didn’t love it. But my skin is stupid and is sometimes allergic to something and other times it’s not. Stupid skin.

  7. Michaela 11 months ago

    My makeup tends to be pretty minimalist, even though I have an Ipsy subscription. Right now I’m using an illuminating primer from Smashbox on my lids and dark circles, a bit of Beauty for Real’s 24/7 i-liner when I’m up for it, Lights Camera, Lashes from Tarte and my standard Burt’s Bees lip balm.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      So many people loving Tarte cosmetics! I’ll have to give them a try.

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