How to Dress Like A Swedish Architect Without Spending A Fortune

How to Dress Like A Swedish Architect Without Spending A Fortune
Carly Jacobs

ack when I first started Smaggle in 2007, I used to be a part of a community called Wardrobe_Remix on Flickr. I think that’s just about the most antiquated thing I’ve said all week. Anyway… Wardrobe_Remix was kind of like an outfit a day thing and I used to follow all these girls from overseas to see what they were wearing everyday. One of my favourite re-mixers was a girl with a name I couldn’t pronounce if I tried and she was a Swedish architect living in Stockholm. Every day she wore beautiful, colourful, structural, yet minimalist outfits and I’d sit at my computer waiting for her to upload her photos every day. She stopped uploading her photos years ago and her account is private now but I think about her often as a sort of future muse for my developing style.

Quite recently the store COS opened in Melbourne and I’m officially hooked. It’s full of interesting cuts, awesome patterns and really modern designs. I’ve bought about 3 or 4 dresses from COS so far and every time I do, I think about my Swedish architect and how she’d probably nod her head in approval if we walked past each other in the street.



Dress from COS

Shoes from TOMS

Coin necklace from my grandfather

Rings and earrings from Thailand, Bali and Byron Bay

I usually don’t love summer at all but the one thing I really enjoy is the simplicity of popping on a dress, a pair of sandals and my signature jewellery pieces and getting out the door. I also love going coat free – dressing well in winter in Melbourne is a waste because you just end up putting a coat over the top of your outfit all the time.

This outfit was worn for a busy day of writing. This dress is so comfortable, it’s like a giant t-shirt so it felt like I was wearing PJs all day. I spent my work break today designing a crochet blanket for a special friend. My treat when I get home from the gym is ordering the yarn for it online! Granny-gasm! I’m so looking forward to bed tonight – the end of the year is always crazy busy!

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Have you ever met a fashion muse who’s inspired you? What kind of clothes did they wear?


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  1. Alix 2 years ago

    Oh I dream of dressing like a stylish swedish architect. Even a stylish australian architect. Sad thing is that I actually have an architecture degree but must have been sick on the day they had the class on stylish dressing. Doh! Cos looks amazing – a work colleague has been shopping there a lot and every time she wears a piece I love it. Put it down for a holiday activity.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      I ADORE Cos – I actually think there’s one opening in Sydney now – thank god! I’ve been at a total loss every time I’ve been there’d needed an outfit and there’s been no COS!

  2. Totally rocking the Swedish architect look, my love. I have a friend who is a fashion designer, so she basically gets a whole new wardrobe every single season. Plus she looks totally amazing in everything she designs… funny that! x

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      Ha! Totally! Fashion designers always look amazing – I love fashion designers don’t always wear their own stuff. If I have a favourite designer, I look up their favourite designers and copy them. Sneaky!

  3. Bunny 2 years ago

    Annebeth from “The Styling Dutchman” has always been my style inspiration. 🙂

  4. lumay 2 years ago

    I never posted to Wardrobe Remix, but it was a favorite site of mine. There was one member who wore nothing but vintage clothing, and I think her posts were my favorite.


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