Eternal Safari/Sebastian’s Sister. Canberra Designers Rock.

Eternal Safari/Sebastian’s Sister. Canberra Designers Rock.
Carly Jacobs

How Eternal Safari and Sebastian’s Sister have never clocked on my radar is beyond me, but the universe has been bitch slapping me with them in the last week and I’m loving it.

The design team first caught my eye on Her Canberra when Capital Thread captured them looking too cool for the Can at CIT in Reid.

Then, on a recent jaunt to the ACT, I found myself in Department of the Exterior (my FAVOURITE Canberra shop) and the ridiculously cute owner was wearing the most extraodinary skirt. She told me the designers were Eternal Safari and Sebastian’s Sister. My brain went like this ‘Whoosh! Capital Thread! Whoosh! Street Style! Whoosh! Same people! Whoosh! Milkshakes!’.

Don’t they totally speak my language? Structural monochrome and a strict pallette of grey, black and white.

I believe I’ve found my uniform.


  1. Louise C 6 years ago

    I want I want I want I want… actually, I NEED it all. The structured dresses and skirts are my favourites, but the tops look great too.

  2. Katie 6 years ago

    The black and white striped dress is delicious! And the structured skirts – my, oh my.

  3. Ilde 6 years ago

    LOVE IT! Is there any way it can be imported to South Africa? Maybe we can strike an antipodean deal? Eh, eh?

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