9 Fashion Tips That Will Make Your Outfit Totally Unforgettable

9 Fashion Tips That Will Make Your Outfit Totally Unforgettable
Carly Jacobs

ack in the very old days of Smaggle I had a regular column called Why Don’t You? It was a tribute to the late great Diana Vreeland. She had this spectacular editors letter in Harper’s Bazaar where she’d write these beautiful little style tips like ‘Why don’t you… Find one dress that you like and have it copied many times? You will be much more successful than if you try to produce the same effects each evening.’ or ‘Why don’t you… Tie black tulle bows on your wrists?’. I just loved them. Sadly these columns didn’t last long so there aren’t many of these legendary tips floating around and that made me really sad. Every now and then I’m reminded of Why Don’t You…? and I love to resurrect it.

Woman in elegant dress standing in majestic hall

Why don’t you…?

1. Add some lady kawaii outfit details? T-bar dolly shoes? A bow in your hair? Ballet pink nails?

2. Embrace nude footwear? Ballet flats for day and sleek pumps for night?

3. Mix it up? Wear leather with lace? Leisure wear with pearls? Red with pink?

4. Wear enormous earrings? Tassels? Pom poms? Big plastic shapes?

5. Try stripes? With bright orange, red or pink lipstick?

6. Let your hair do what it wants? Wear it wild and free with pride?

7. Get something monogrammed? Like your bag or wallet? Or even a little case for your business cards or headphones?

8. Wear white? Be super careful not to spill your coffee?

9. Be a scarf wearer? Chunky knits in winter and crisp cottons in summer?

Weirdly enough I now follow Caroline Vreeland (Diana’s great grand-daughter) on Snapchat and I followed her before I knew who she was. She’s a singer and model living in LA. She’s quite a modern day Diana actually. She drinks wine, swears, sings, wears outrageous clothes and is a total social butterfly. She also gives zero shits what anyone thinks about her which is the most Vreeland thing about her. She’s quite fascinating – if you’re on the snaps, look her up.

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What are your favourite fashion tips? Any vintage ones to share?


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  1. I love every one of them… Except for red with pink! I think it could bring me to a panic attack 😀

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