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5 Things I’ve Bought That I Effing Love

by Carly Jacobs
In recent months I’ve stocked up on some basics that I’ve been hankering after for ages. They’re quality items, around $80 to $150 and I can’t recommend them highly enough. No buyer’s remorse to be seen here. Midas Flat Shoes I bought an awesome pair of flats last year from a store that shall remain nameless (It starts with ‘T’ and ends with ‘…enery’) and Read the rest!

How to Get Dressed When It’s 40 Degrees Outside

by Carly Jacobs
I live in Melbourne but before that I lived in Canberra. Both cities are notorious for being jacket worthy most months of the year and as such I’ve grown up into a summer non-lover. Give me minus 2 degrees and a roaring fire over sunburn and sweat any day. Unfortunately Melbourne tends to have a hell week in summer where the temperatures can hit 40 plus degrees and I spend most of that time in a funk of feeli Read the rest!

5 Unfashionable Items You Should Still Wear

by Carly Jacobs
This post originally appeared as part of the Voices 2013 Style and Beauty Blogger awards.  It’s so exhausting every year trying to figure out what what I’m supposed to be wearing for each season and what item from last season I should absolutely not be wearing this season. I gave up caring many years ago and now I just wear whatever looks good on me, regardless of whether high street fashion is telling me th Read the rest!
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How To Rock A Backpack Without Looking Like a 9 Year Old

by Carly Jacobs
I’ve been on the look out for a stylish backpack for years. Ever since I saw this photo on The Sartorialist.I mean I could try a thousand life times and I will never be as cool as that chick but after seeing this photo I thought I might just be able to pull off a backpack without looking like a tourist or someone who plays Warhammer, which is really the main concern right? The problem was I could never find Read the rest!

Steal Her Style: Miranda Kerr Airport Chic

by Mama Stylista
I am obsessed with Miranda Kerr’s casual style! #Obsessed. She always manages to look effortlessly elegant. Take this outfit she wore at LAX airport in LA, it is perfect for travel and has all your Springtime wardrobe essentials covered. This look also made Vogue UK’s best dressed list! How does she do it? Steal Her Style: Miranda Kerr Airport Chic Whistles Lillian V Back Stripe Maxi Was $172.14 Now Read the rest!

The Beauty Blogger’s Top 5 Make Up Bag Essentials.

by Emma Bovary
Being a beauty blogger means that I have a rather extensive beauty stash, and I’m always being distracted by new launches and exciting products. There are some staple beauty items that I think every woman needs in her stash, and these are a few of mine! The Beauty Blogger’s Top 5 Make Up Bag Essentials. Good skincare is a must, with that ‘good canvas’ cliché holding true for all of us. My skin can Read the rest!
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The 5 Top Everyday Beauty Steps That You Might Be Accidentally Skipping.

by Norlin Mustapha
With so many beauty tips out there it can be a bit daunting to figure out what you should do to make yourself look not just presentable but decent enough for you to face the world! So I thought I’d make it easier for everyone by sharing my Top 5 Beauty Tips, tips that are absolutely essential and easy to follow. Well Groomed Eyebrows Are A Must The eyes might be the window to your soul but in my books, the eyebr Read the rest!
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STYLE STEALER: How To Dress Like Cher Horowitz From Clueless.

by Carly Jacobs
If you’re a child of the nineties you probably know what it feels like to want a fluffy pen so badly you’d be willing to sell your childhood Pound Puppy for one. I blame Cher Horowitz for most of my 90s fashion obsessions. Tiny back packs, claw hair clips, maribou everything. Remember her wardrobe? The god damn rotating wardrobe with the touch screen computer outfit organiser that Cher had BEFORE TOUCH Read the rest!
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STYLE STEALER: How To Dress Like Hanna Marin From Pretty Little Liars.

by Carly Jacobs
I’ve recently become hideously addicted to Pretty Little Liars. And by hideous, I mean sitting bolt up right in bed at 2am, with blood shot eyes desperately clutching my iPad. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not the most cerebral television series I’ve ever watched but it’s strangely enthralling. In order to justify the hours I’ve spent watching this show in the past month I’ve decided to create a l Read the rest!

6 Beauty Products That Will Make You Look Like You Actually Slept Last Night.

by Carly Jacobs
As I’m getting older I’m noticing that sleep makes a huge difference to my appearance. Not just over the course of a few restless nights but on a daily basis. When I was teenager, I’d have to party for 48 hours straight to earn myself some under eye bags. Now I’m on the other side of 25, it’s as easy as an extra glass of wine and one post midnight bedtime per week. Here’s a few p Read the rest!