5 Peanut Butter Recipes for Total Peanut Butter Nuts

by Carly Jacobs
Sponsored by Woolworths When I was in New York a few years ago, we stayed right next door to a Wholefoods. They had this amazing machine that crushed whole bags of peanuts and made fresh peanut butter. It was like my mouth had met the love of it’s life. When I came back to Australia I was a bit grossed out by all the gunk that was in most peanut butter brands. Then I discovered macro organic peanut butter and Read the rest!
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5 of The Best Australian Food Blogs

by Carly Jacobs
I remember back in the day when I first started blogging, we all had blog rolls down the side bar of our websites that show cased the blogs that we read and loved. Somewhere in the midst of improved blog designs and WordPress switch overs the old blog roll disappeared. I miss the days of discovering awesome blogs this way so I thought I’d pop together a list of my favourite food blogs that I’m loving at Read the rest!
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Quick and Easy 4 Ingredient Rocky Road

by Carly Jacobs
I’m always looking for easy treat recipes that I can take to parties. I’m interstate in Canberra this week and needed to make a little something to take to a baby shower and Mama Smaggle shared this little recipe gem with me. Quick and Easy 4 Ingredient Rocky Road It’s dead easy. What You Need 2 x 250gm blocks of milk chocolate 3 x Cadbury Turkish Delight bars 1 packet of marshmallows (I only us Read the rest!
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5 Easy and Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Grown Ups

by Carly Jacobs
This post is sponsored by Woolworths I wanted to throw together a few simple lunchbox ideas for adults because it can be a nightmare trying to pack a healthy lunch if you have no idea what the hell you’re doing. Each of the lunch boxes I’ve created are worth around 500 calories each and coupled with a balanced breakfast and dinner it’ll be perfect for most healthy eating plans. I also deliberately Read the rest!

Caramel Coffee Upside Down Syrup Cake + A Double Giveaway

by Carly Jacobs
This post is sponsored by Caffitaly Yep. Caramel Coffee Upside Down Syrup Cake. I kind of invented it because when I like something I want it to be in everything… and I really like coffee. Specifically pod coffee because it comes straight from my kitchen and I don’t have to talk to people to get it. Pod coffee is my favourite discovery of 2013, so when Woolworths asked me if I wanted to give their Caffitaly Read the rest!

5 Little Treat Recipes That Will Make You Win The Christmas Food Wars

by Carly Jacobs
This post is sponsored by Woolworths I come from a family of major foodies. Every Christmas we all trot out our old faithful recipes when we all get together to celebrate. My mum’s Crunchy Nut Salad, my uncle’s amazing BBQ breakfasts, my cousin’s leathal cocktails. I thought it would be a lovely idea to share my favourite famous recipes from my family and friends to inspire everyone in their own C Read the rest!

5 Easy Peasy Ways To Improve Your Morning Routine

by Carly Jacobs
This post is Sponsored By L’Or Espresso My morning routine changes periodically. Sometimes I eat breakfast and then have a shower and sometimes I shower first. I’m just a loose canon like that. The one thing that never changes is that my routine always includes coffee. In fact it generally starts with coffee. We had to buy a Nepresso recently because my body doesn’t communicate with my limbs for at least Read the rest!

How Do You Make Coffee At Home?

by Carly Jacobs
Sponsored by L’Or Espresso Morning Carly has two states of being. There’s Pre-Coffee Carly and Post Coffee Carly. Even though they both inhabit the exact same body, they’re really easy to tell apart. Pre-Coffee Carly is just a bit crap at everything. She’s not mean like 6am Carly, she’s just really inefficient and has a hard time controlling her extremities. Here are a few examples of simple tasks execute Read the rest!

Are You A Conscious Meat Eater? Try These 5 Meat Alternatives For Ethical Carnivores.

by Carly Jacobs
Sponsored by Woolworths.  I recently went on a holiday to Thailand (it was spectacular, thanks for asking) and one of the hotels we stayed in had this whole sustainable living vibe going on. It was called The Bangkok Treehouse and everything was made out of natural materials and the menu was completely sustainable and pescetarian. Even the movie selection was ‘green’ with environmentally themed films l Read the rest!

Recipe To Riches: Thank God The Baby Food Didn’t Win.

by Carly Jacobs
Sponsored by Woolworths. As a freelance writer and blogger I sometimes have to do some weird stuff. For example I once worked for a Groupon-style company and one of my assignments was to review an Italian buffet style restaurant where I had to sample every single one of their 22 flavours of pizza. Vom. I also once had to review a spa treatment and I broke out in a giant rash from the products. That was a major fa Read the rest!