What’s your hair history?

What’s your hair history?
Carly Jacobs

My gorgeous blogging friend Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim is the genius behind the Instagram Photo a Day Challenges and she has teamed up with Hair Romance and Pantene to bring us all the Hair Photo A Day Challenge. I’ve been participating quite enthusiastically as I have a particularly hilarious hair history. For those of you who don’t do Instagram, observe.

#hairphotoaday #pantene #10 Long Hair. Ireland circa 2002.

#hairphotoaday #pantene #9 Straight hair. For those  who have been wondering, here's what I look like with straight hair.

#hairphotoaday #pantene #7 best hair moment. Gotta be Frankenfurter.

#hairphotoaday #pantene #1 hair self portrait December 2005

#hairphotoaday #3 - hair flashback. Production of After Magritte circa 2004. Very attractive streaky beehive.

What was your worst ever, in the history of the world, terrible hair moment?


  1. Nikki Parkinson 6 years ago

    You are a pin-up girl for this challenge! I do the scrape and run too often!

  2. Livkate 6 years ago

    bahahaha. I just can’t get past Clappers with a moustache. Hilarious.

  3. dr stumpy 6 years ago

    Oh my god I forgot about that play when everyone had moustaches…

  4. liz 6 years ago

    love the long hair!  i would have alternating fro/dreadlock problems but it looks amazing! 

    my worst hair moment/month was in high school when i bleached my asian [jet black] locks and was scared of bleach burns and crunchy hair…so it was orange.  the color of overcooked carrots.  of course my passport was renewed that year… and that picture persists until 2013.

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