How to Wear a Scarf – For Men

How to Wear a Scarf – For Men
Carly Jacobs

Two of my delightful male readers sent out a cry for help. They need tips on how to wear scarves. Okay I know what my American readers are thinking. It’s February. Shouldn’t we Aussies all be wearing shorts and cooking shrimps on the barbie? Well my friends this is not possible when you live in the shit-for-brains city that I live in. I’ve been wearing tights for weeks and it’s not even officially Autumn yet. I bought a brand new pair of swimmers 3 months ago that have not seen the light of day. Sunburnt country my arse. Anyway I’ve been gathering some info on scarf wearing and since it was boys that asked me first I’m starting with boys! Stay tuned ladies I’ve got female scarves coming your way soon!

Lets start with some photos of boys who ‘do good scarf’.

The tassels are porn. Look how they match the belt. And paisley with plaid? Who could ever have dreamed of anything so glorious?

I’m not sure if this is a scarf but the point is that should be. Strips of stiff black satin artisically drapped over a tuxedo jacket. Who says you can’t accessorise a suit?

A gorgeous chunky knit scarf wrapped thickly around the neck. Extra points if it’s a quirky colour. More points if you’re as cute as a button like this sweet lad.

The traditional through-the-loop style but twisted to the side. Simple but funky.

Casual paisley on a man. Swoon.

A skinny cotton knotted scarf looks beautiful. Especially worn with neutrals and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate skin.

A quirky little silk scarf tied in a cowboy style. Makes you want to ride bareback through the mountains doesn’t it?

I like the concept of this but the colour is a little Miami Vice. But a thin strip of appropriately coloured satin could look delicious.

A big, long, snuggly scarf. Looks great with a Mohawk.

I love scarves that play with texture and shape. This has a very organic feel to it, like he didn’t think twice about wearing it in public. A modern day Dorian Grey. 

A thin mottled grey number. Wind machine optional.

A do love an assymetrical twist.

I love grey scarves. Especially knotted ones worn with red striped hoodies. On boys who look like Chris Martin from Cold Play.

Here are a few tips to think about when ‘doing scarf’…

* There are HUNDREDS of different kinds of scarves around. If you keep buying the same kind you’re going to look the same. Buy scarves that are long, short, wool, cotton, thick, tasselled, thin, satin, square, triangular. Build yourself a solid collection of scarves and WEAR THEM. Seriously there is nothing sexier than a scarf on a boy. If you like boys or girls or both a scarf is a primary tool in the quest to get laid.

* Buy colourful scarves. Inject a little light into your life! And pink IS NOT GAY. Just so you know. If you are really frightened of colour (like so many of my male friends are) buy a really beautiful, good quality grey scarf. There is seldom a more stylish gentleman than one that wears grey cashmere.

* Don’t be a pussy. Girl scarves are awesome. Just because they are marketed at girls doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. Scarves are uni-sex. Just like bathrooms in nightclubs and The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

* It’s also okay to wear brooches with scarves. They help to keep the scarf in place. Brooches are another thing that ARE NOT GAY. They happen to be stylish and useful and you’re a douche if you don’t wear them.

Here are few sites with interesting scarf tying tips that are penis appropriate.



Photos from Facehunter

For my darling gay husbands Matt & Ged. Hope this helps!

For all the ladies out there, stay tuned my pets… ladies scarf tips are coming to Smaggle soon!

Love Lady Smaggle



  1. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    Alex – I’m not asking you to wear a brooch and a pink scarf at the same time! Baby steps sweetie, baby steps… and you’d look fabulous in either!

  2. Alex S 12 years ago

    Darling – I love Smaggle, but, as a guy who wears scaves regularly, I really have to comment:

    Pink scarves ARE gay – VERY GAY, and broaches???? You might as well get into theatre and be completely at ease with the fact that you’re natually very camp.

    Kisses, DAHLling


    PS: Matt and Ged – you two can comfortably get away with a broach on a pink scarf. I can’t 😉

  3. Matt & Ged 12 years ago

    Love it, love it, love it!
    Saw this & thought of a scarf-style Goddess such as yourself…

    The Gay Husbands XXX

  4. bronwyn 12 years ago

    I totally love scarfs, can’t wait for winter (OK I hate winter – just in the fashion sense)so I can wear scarves. I’ve been collecting quite a few. We’ve also had crap weather in Johannesburg this summer, and btw it’s not a barbie, it’s a braai:)

  5. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    Matt and Ged – Ohhh pretty!

    Browwyn – Wow Johannesburg. It’s so cool have blogging mates on the other side of the world. Crazy! 🙂

  6. Kyle 11 years ago

    Very late to the party, but as an apparent voice of wisdom on the subject, you should be able to help me.

    Never been a scarf guy, but I’m thinking about it. Global warming, sharper seasonal extremes, colder winters, blah blah.

    Thing is, I’ve been into high-collared coats for a while now. Is a scarf with a high-collared coat (think EubiqNY or Wings+Horns) too much? Pointless? Trying too hard? I really don’t care for peacoats and don’t see myself ever wearing one. Am I S.O.L.?

  7. Bob 11 years ago

    Wow I wear scarf like it’s a bandana on my neck

  8. N.N. 11 years ago

    DAHLing, i thought you were taking the piss with the first three, but then i realised they were all very, mmm, for a better word …gay. well, hahaha i thought the assymetrical twist was good though, maybe i’m not quite up-to-date with this new excentric fashion yet (although being a very well established fashion & advertising photographer!) but still, very good, i look forward to seeing more scarfs, maybe a nice set of shoes or two


  9. N.N. 11 years ago

    baby, maybe i really can’t pull of a good scarf, i think its a Matt thing. Matts don’t really manage to pull of accessories like scarfs. What do you think?


    Smaggle beautiful

    • Lady Smaggle 11 years ago

      I disagree. I know a lot of Matts that can rock the accessories… Also N.N, do I know you personally? Just curious.

      • Joejoejimbob 9 years ago

        ahh bitch please, I am working my scarf right now

  10. Alan 10 years ago

    Love this site, I’ve always worn scarves ;
    Belive me, pink isn’t gay anymore, the hetero’s are taking over

  11. frederic 10 years ago

    I always loved silk scarves! you can see my huge collection on flickr. tell me what you think !

  12. Pacificadorfrancine 9 years ago

    OMG great attitude! I love it! I was so entertained with your post, I couldn’t stop laughing. I have never ever read something like this about men’s winter scarves. LOL.

  13. Scarf 9 years ago

    Scarves are the perfect accessories to fall in love with this season.
    After wearing scarf, all guys seems rock.

  14. Kimou 9 years ago

    niiik yamak


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