5 DIY Easter Gift Ideas for Grown Ups

by Carly Jacobs
This post is sponsored by Woolworths I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge a fan of arbitrary gift giving. I love to spoil people on their birthdays and at Christmas time but when it comes to Easter, I sit firmly in the school of less is more. If every person of consequence in my life gave me a chocolate gift at Easter I’d have to buy much bigger pants to fit around my April Girth of Gluttony, so I gener Read the rest!

The Strange Effect Being a Woman Can Have On Your Superannuation Fund

by Carly Jacobs
Sponsored by ATO (Australian Taxation Office)What’s the state of your superannuation? Honestly? Like most women in Australia it’s probably looking a little bit bleak. Unless you’ve been working full-time at the same job since you were 14 years old, chances are you’ll have chunks of cash in at least 5 different superannuation accounts and the thought of sorting it all out is so overwhelming Read the rest!
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How To Open Up A Can Of Whoop Ass On Your Work Place Bully

by Carly Jacobs
I had a reader email me yesterday with a problem. Let’s call her Jane. Jane works with a women who is subtly bullying her at work. It’s typical enough stuff. They both have positions on the same level but the bully always acts like Jane has to answer to her. She’s snarky, she’s sneaky and just generally unpleasant to be around. She also takes credit for Jane’s work and Jane’s wor Read the rest!
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How To Make Donna Hay Swoon Over Your Kitchen

by Carly Jacobs
You know how’s there all these memes going around about how foodies are lame and we have to stop taking pictures of our rustic lamb chops and crusty bread and posting them on Instagram? I’m calling a bitch please on that situation. I love seeing pictures of bowls of fruit with perfect dollops of yogurt and all the pretty ingredients that someone is about to turn into a super healthy #fitness #health #fi Read the rest!
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How to Keep Your House Clean in 20 Minutes A Day

by Carly Jacobs
When I first started my How To Totally Organise Your Life in 19 Days series one of the main things that everyone asked for was a quick guide to keeping their house tidy in 20 minutes a day. This is totally do-able. You don’t need to clean your floors to the point that you can eat dinner off them but being able to actually see them is a good start. How to Keep Your House Clean in 20 Minutes A Day Clean as you Read the rest!
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What to Do With All Your Random Crap

by Carly Jacobs
No matter how organised you are, there are always little bits and pieces that float around your house that don’t really have a home. Your blood donor card, the spare shoe laces that came with your new sneakers, the instruction booklet for your Kindle, that bit of metal that fell off the door in the bathroom. These kind of things tend to pile up on surfaces and never get put away because they don’t real Read the rest!

How To Get Other People’s Shit Out of Your House

by Carly Jacobs
If you’ve been following along in my month of organisation you’ll know that I value order in my life above pretty much everything else. There’s one thing though that I have no control over and that’s other people’s shit in my house. Sometimes it’s my own fault because I’ll borrow a jumper from my mates place and wear it home but other times it’s totally their fault. L Read the rest!

How to Conquer That Horrible Pile of Paperwork You’ve Been Ignoring

by Carly Jacobs
One of the hardest things to keep under control in your home is paperwork and bills. Even if you have minimal accounts and basic bills you can end up with a stack of mail every week from 6 different superannuation accounts and medical propaganda from that doctors surgery you visited ten years ago. The hardest part of dealing with the mountain of paperwork is the fear… the fear of throwing away that super impo Read the rest!
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How to Throw Things Away Like A God Damn Grown Up

by Carly Jacobs
If you’re a hoarder it’s probably for one of three reasons. 1. You’re afraid of throwing away something that you might need in the future. 2. You hate waste. 3. You have sentimental attachments to lots of stuff. All of these reasons are totally valid, however if you allow each of them to become excuses you won’t ever throw anything away and then you’ll become like one of those people Read the rest!
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How To Manage Your Floordrobe

by Carly Jacobs
Let me preface this article by firming stating that floordrobes are unnacceptable. How anyone can sleep at night with piles of crap next to their bed is beyond me, but I’m here to assist those who weren’t born with weird paranoid insomnia that’s spurned on by dirty knickers all over the carpet. This is my gift to you. Floordrobe be gone! How To Manage Your Floordrobe Have designated places for all Read the rest!