How Impatient Are You With Waiting For Online Purchases To Arrive?

How Impatient Are You With Waiting For Online Purchases To Arrive?
Carly Jacobs

I’m a veteran online shopper, in fact I rarely buy things in retail stores any more unless it’s an impulse purchase. I buy basics, shoes, underwear, clothing and make-up online. It’s so much easier than having to go shopping to a mall. I find bricks and mortar retail shopping quite difficult because I can’t type in my search term. I’m serious. Do you know how long it takes to locate an appropriate dress to wear to a wedding in a mall? Freaking ages! Buy the time I’ve found a car park and visited the 20 odd formal occasion stores at the mall, it’s taken up the better half of my day. If I jump online I can narrow my search to ‘maxi dress silk size 14‘ and be presented with a curated list of exactly what I want in seconds. To me, online shopping is just sensible.

Seriously… how freaking creepy is this stock photo of ‘online shopping’? It’s like online shopping in The Ring.

Not everyone loves online shopping though. I have a friend who can’t do it because she’s not organised enough. She’ll jump online to buy a present for a wedding three days before the big day and then she’ll get cranky because the package won’t arrive in time. Now this never happens to me because I’m cursed with a Type A personality (which means that I’ve already finished my Christmas shopping) but I know that I’m completely abnormal and most people simply don’t have the brain space to think this far ahead. I visited New York for the first time last year and I have to admit I quickly became addicted to the sense of urgency at which I could demand anything I wanted at any time of day. Mexican food at 1am? Done. Home delivery and pick up dry cleaning at midnight? Yes please. That’s why I love when Australian companies like Want It Now recognise that busy urban-based professionals need a same day delivery service for online stores. If you order from metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney areas they can deliver within three hours. Which is ridiculous because by the time you get stuck in traffic, find a car park and aimlessly wander around the mall, they can have it to your door before you’d even get home from a shopping mission. Insane. It’s also particularly awesome for impatient people like me who order things on the internet and expect them to arrive 20 minutes later.

Tell me… do you shop online? Are you really patient waiting for your purchases? Or do you bail up the postman everyday asking about your latest ASOS order?



  1. Miss Kitty-Cat 5 years ago

    I love shopping online. With a babe, a visit to an actual mall takes on battle-like proportions and military precision. And needs to be scheduled between naps. And she’s not really a fan of hanging out in her chariot while Mummy tries on a bajillion different dresses anyway…. So now I go to the mall for things I can’t buy online (i.e. that I want to try on) and buy everything else online. And not only is it more convenient, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. And the range is huge….

    K x

    • Author
      Smaggle 5 years ago

      It’s all about the range! I can find the exact thing I want and not have to settle on whatever is in front of me at a retail store.

  2. Harlow 5 years ago

    Because I like to wear things that are 50s & 60s style, I can’t really find the things that I love anywhere but online! So more or less my entire wardrobe was bought online. And so, you’d think I’d be the most patient person ever after all the waiting I do on orders from the US and UK…but no, no freaking way. Buying things online drives me crazy because most of the time I can’t afford to pay an extra $50 for express shipping (and even then it still takes a week) so I usually have to wait 2 weeks for my goodies to arrive. And it kills me. I’m like a sick puppy and when the postman comes and delivers a package that isn’t for me, I just throw it to the side and scream. I get hardcore rage from the wait alone!

    In the end though, I will always shop online for my clothes because I have pretty specific tastes when it comes to clothing. You’d like to think that eventually I will learn to cope with the waiting process, but I highly doubt it 😛
    But yes, thank goodness we live in the 21st century and can source the clothes that we love from all over the world without ever having to change out of our PJs! Or deal with irritating pushy sales people! Score!

    • Author
      Smaggle 5 years ago

      Of course! Because it would be easier to find things in your style online.

  3. Alex 5 years ago

    I’m pretty patient… but once four working days have ticked by I am on the lookout. I recently bought a dress from OzSale and while the dress is great I can’t order from there again. It took FIVE WEEKS to arrive. Sheesh.

    • Author
      Smaggle 5 years ago

      No, no. Five weeks would ruin me!

  4. Eve 5 years ago

    I work from home so online shopping is perfect for me…& all deliveries are while my husband is @ work so even better…no sneaking purchases into the house via a massive tote bag! I shop regularly @ asos, dorothyperkins, ezibuy, sportsgirl, the iconic, styletread…

    • Author
      Smaggle 5 years ago

      Ha! Never thought of it like that. 🙂

  5. Nessbow 5 years ago

    I never used to like online shopping, but I’ve been converted. I get so bored with the stuff in retail stores, it’s all so samey-samey. Last year I did almost all of my Christmas shopping online, and it took all the stress out of the exercise. While it did require doing my shopping a lot earlier than I normally would, I didn’t have to lug around huge bags, brave the insane Christmas crowds and a lot of my items arrived already gift-wrapped. Too easy!

    • Author
      Smaggle 5 years ago

      I always do Christmas shopping online. It’s so much easier!

  6. matthew 3 years ago


    • reidmereid 6 months ago

      Amen, brother!! I’m waiting on a lock pick set, and I basically want to smash my computer because it hasn’t arrived yet. And I ordered it two days ago. I feel like I’m dying.

  7. Luis 9 months ago

    I hate waiting for some online purchases I have had to wait for months in some of them that when the item finally arrived I’m so fed up I don’t want it anymore

  8. Addison Phillips 7 months ago

    I ordered a baby doll online and it gets shipped to my dads job. i am so exited for it to come i just about pooped myself when we ordered it. but idk when it’s coming so that makes me sad why am i so gosh darn impatient?!?!?!

  9. tw_fan 5 months ago

    If I order something online I just annoy the people around me until it arrives. I’m really impatient I always check if the package is already on its way. Sometimes I sit there and reload the page every minute just because I can’t wait. I sometimes try to distract myself watch movies, TV shows, YouTube videos etc

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