3 Things I’m Seriously in Love With Right Now

3 Things I’m Seriously in Love With Right Now
Carly Jacobs

ou guys know the drill – if you love these posts, I need to hear your favourites too! As usual these posts are totally unsponsored and always will be. They’re just a wee little list of things I’ve been loving recently. Because I’m one of those people who is like ‘I found a cool thing! You should also know about this cool thing! Do/buy/eat it immediately!’. I also love getting recommendations from other people, especially my readers. I feel like you guys know me so well. Every time a reader tags me in something on social media saying they thought of me, it’s always so on point that I just want to give them a virtual fist bump. Here are a few things have really tickled my fancy lately.

in love with right now

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

I was a little bit late to the game on this but if you haven’t watched this movie you simply must. It’s a delight from start to finish. It’s beautifully shot, brilliantly cast and it gives all kinds of warm fuzzies that last for days. The character Ricky is beyond gorgeous.

‘That’s Tupac. He’s a rapper but he’s also my best friend.’

I can’t really say much else about it because when films are that amazing you don’t really have anything to add. Next movie night, have this one at the top of your list.

in love with right now

Chobani Dips

These are a game changer. I love sitting down with my mates for an afternoon chat on a weekend afternoon and you want a little something to nibble on but cheese, crackers and chips are not exactly the most healthy choices around. I used to make my own dips for veggie sticks out of yogurt but Chobani are geniuses and have created ready made dips with their yogurt. I’ve been crushing on Chobani for years and now the love affair continues. They’re much lower in calories and fat than pretty much all the other dips so you don’t have to be counting every scoop you eat.

in love with right now

Going alcohol free

I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage since New Year’s Eve and won’t until April this year. I usually do alcohol free months a few times a year but this is my first three month stint. It’s so good. Disappointingly effective. I’m so much clearer and more productive. It’s been a bit tough because it’s such a party time of year but I’ve remained strong and taken my bottles of fancy mineral water everywhere I’ve gone. If you’ve never gone a month or two without alcohol, I highly recommend it, particularly if you have some big health or career goals you’re trying to reach. I absolutely love wine but I don’t think it needs to be a weekly thing for me. I’m just resetting my drinking habits with this abstinence period and so far? It’s awesome.

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What things are you loving right now? Name your top three things you’re obsessed with?


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  1. Sarah 12 months ago

    I saw Hunt for the Wilderpeople late last year – such a gorgeous movie!

    I am totally loving:
    1. My new job. I work with a brilliant team, a great organisation & I’m loving what I’m doing!
    2. YouFoodz. The week’s worth of lunches & dinners just rocks up at my doorstep on Friday & I have fresh (not frozen), healthy, & calorie controlled meals for the week!
    3. Thinking about my core values. A friend & I had a deep chat about core values & I realised I’m a bit vague on mine, so I’m self-reflecting & working out Derek’s deepest question, ‘who am I?’

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      Oh that’s so great! I love it when new jobs work out – they can be so risky. I just looked at Youfoodz – might give them a go!

    • Zed 11 months ago

      Well done with your new job!

  2. Charmaine 12 months ago

    Discovering the Wunderlist and Evernote Apps.

  3. Reannon 12 months ago

    I was late to Wilderpeople too but man, it’s SO good!!
    Three things I’m loving-
    My veggie garden. It brings me so much joy & feels like meditation any time I’m out there. Plus, veggies!!!
    School holidays. I might be in the minority with this one but I really love the slow mornings, having my kids, plus all the extras, around.
    Making my own yogurt & granola. I’ve been doing this for a while but I never get tired of it! My yogurt is the best & my granola ( I make 2 kinds) is pretty much my favourite. So good!!

    And good on you for going alcohol free! I think more people should try it & I think they’d be amazed at how good they feel. I had my last alcoholic drink on NYE 2011 & just never had another. I never planned to give up drinking, it just happened & now I couldn’t imagine ever drinking again. Now, if I couple just do the same with coke…..
    And I can’t wait for Straight & Curly to come back- I miss you guys!!!!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      Oh gosh I want a veggie garden so badly – it’s on my long term bucket list! I’m really loving going alcohol free – it’s quite easy as most of my mates are pregnant or breastfeeding! 🙂 Straight and Curly is back this week!

  4. Sheree 12 months ago

    Must check out the movie ?. I have had some non drinking periods & I must admit I do feel better for it when I do!
    Three things I’m loving right now;
    1 Ditching the tv & reading some novels of an evening.
    2 Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, just loving doing some yoga sessions with her on my mat at home.
    3 A long overdue child free night out with our best mates watching my niece & nephews play in a band!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      Oh Mr Smaggle and I have been one night off a week for ‘learnament’. We do some online courses (he does photography, I do crochet!) and it’s so lovely. I always go to bed quite early on those nights.

  5. nessbow 12 months ago

    There are loads of things I’m into at the moment, but my top three are:
    – Green Vie cheeses. My local health food store just got these dairy-free cheeses and I’m so in love with them. Most vegan cheeses don’t melt, so they are useless for pizza and nachos. But the mozzerella Green Vie is a creamy, melty dream.
    – The Godfather. I’ve never seen the trilogy and I began watching them this week. Holy crap, so good!
    – Enduring Love by Ian McEwan. One of the most beautifully-written books I’ve picked up in a very long time.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      I just ate vegan for a week (didn’t love it – it was an experiment!) and I wondered how cheese lovers cope being vegan. I like cheese, but I wouldn’t cry if I never ate it again. So glad you found a good dairy free version!

  6. Michelle Morgan 12 months ago

    Obsessed with this silly and charming show on Netflix – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. (Not sure if it’s international or just US Netflix though). It’s part romcom/part musical. The songs are SO good.

    And I’ve been obsessed with Fresh Sugar Rose lip tint. It’s like chapstick, but with a pretty rose colored tint!

    And tea. I’ve also gone alcohol free for a month and I am drinking a lot of hot tea in the evenings (it’s winter in these parts.) It takes the place of the wine sipping and is very enjoyable. I’m loving loose leaf teas from my local tea shoppe!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      Oh I watched that! It’s really cute I liked it! I’m hugely into tea – drinking it like a fish going alcohol free!

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