June Photo a Day – Part Two

June Photo a Day – Part Two
Carly Jacobs


A snap from new Diana Vreeland book Diana Vreeland After Diana Vreeland. If you don’t know who D.V is Google her. Have fun. x

#photoadayjune Day 6 - Hat. Page snap from Diana Vreeland After Diana Vreeland my new book.


One of my favourite people who is going to be very upset that I’m doing Dry July.

#photoadayjune Day 7 - Drink. A Thursday bevvie with my partner in crime.

6 O’Clock

This low carb beer is the bomb. Highly recommended.

#photoadayjune Day 8 - 6 o'clock. A low carb beer to cap off the week. CHEERS!

My View Today

It was a rainy day and I was working from bed. Delicious!

#photoadayjune Day 9 - my view today. Working from bed while it rains outside. Bliss.

My Favourite Part of the Weekend

Mr Smaggle was away and I went mental with my beauty routine.

#photoadayjune Day 10 - Favourite part of the weekend. Serious beauty treatment catch up.


I was pretty devastated that no one loved this as much as me but it’s a door reflected in a door, with a bonus door in between. I think I deserve a trophy.

#photoadayjune Day 12 - Door. It's a DOOR reflected in a DOOR! I win at The Photo Challenge today.

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