Life Changing: A Few Things I’ve Been Doing Lately

Life Changing: A Few Things I’ve Been Doing Lately
Carly Jacobs

Every now and then I like to do a little check in. Because it’s fun!

This is a little question template I use from Pip at Meet Me At Mikes.

Making: Chicken soup. We’ve been REALLY sick in Smaggle house for the last week so I’ve been making coconut chicken soup full of fresh garlic, ginger and turmeric in the pressure cooker. So good.

Cooking: Mexican taco bowls! Beef mince with burrito seasoning, sour cream, avocado, shredded cheese, taco sauce served over roast broccoli and cauliflower. Best low carb mexican you can get.

Drinking: Milk. Actual glasses of milk. I’ve been obsessed with dairy the last few months. Loving it.

Reading: A Man Called Ove. It’s just lovely so far. Highly recommend it!

Trawling: Through op shops looking for quality cotton and wool garments to unravel and make a big recycled blanket out of. It’s hard work but so rewarding.

life changing

Wanting: To sleep better on Sunday nights. I’m in this dipshit state where I just can’t do it. I wake up every hour on the hour, the whole night. Every other night, I’m quite fine but just Sundays are being a dick at the moment. 

Looking: At moving house. We moved into our one bedroom flat about 5 years ago and although we love it and it’s served us well, it’s about the size of a hotel room so we’re looking at upgrading this year if we can find something we like better. Fingers crossed!

Deciding: To watch Little Britain properly. I’ve only seen little snippets of it but it’s damn hilarious. I’ve started at the beginning and I’m ploughing through it. Although some of their humour would just not be acceptable now, most of it has really stood the test of time.

Wishing: I wasn’t finding this winter so brutal. I usually love winter but I’m just constantly freezing. My body fat percentage is lower this year than last year so maybe that’s it? Better hit the Tim Tams and get some of my padding back!

life changing

Enjoying: Being at home in Melbourne. We’ve been all over the joint this year and just being in our own little house, with my comfy crochet spot on the couch is very good for my soul.

Waiting: For My Favorite Murder to come to Australia. September baby!

Liking: Getting into computer games. They’ve never really been my bag but I played a (rather horrific game) called Inside from start to finish with my mate recently and it was such a fun night. It turns out I’m not a bad problem solver. I may or may not have started playing Zelda too.

Wondering: How long we have to wait for marriage equality in this country. For real, how is this taking so long? And how are we one of the last developed nations to do it? What are we waiting for? They have it in Ireland for crying out loud.

Loving: Kefir. It’s like a tangy, fermented yogurty milk drink thing. I’m trying to diversify my gut bacteria (I think that’s just about the most wanky thing I’ve ever written) and this stuff is the bomb. Except I have issues with stopping… can you OD on kefir?

life changing

Pondering: Why people put fruit in savoury dishes. Sultanas do not belong in rice. You heard it here first.

Listening: Apple play lists. They’re bloody good. They also know me so well, it’s like a curated little list of Songs Carly Likes. Bonza.

Considering: Going a wee bit blonder. I got a few little highlights last time I was the hairdresser and I might just get her to go hard on it next time. Plus she has two of the snuggliest, fluffiest rag doll cats you’ve ever seen, so the longer I can keep myself in that chair the better because it means extra snuggling.

Buying: Birthday presents for Mr Smaggle! Air pods, a Le Creuset butter dish and fancy leather belt he had his eye on. Sounds boring but we love giving useful gifts.

Watching: The Fugitive with Harrison Ford. Mr Smaggle made me watch it and it’s a bloody hoot. If you haven’t seen it, get on it. 

Hoping: My new bank will sync with Xero. Boring problem but I seem to be cursed when it comes to getting different internet things to connect. It works for everyone else but not for me. So annoying.

life changing

Marvelling: At how different my hair is in humid and dry climates. I had my hair routine nailed when I was Indonesia and I’ve just had to totally change it again now I’m back in Melbourne. The perils of curly hair.

Cringing: At Pauline Hanson. How can we make her go away?

Needing: To get my car serviced so I can sell it, book in for some vaccination boosters, book a dentist appointment. Yawn. Can someone have a party and I’ll just go to that instead?

Smelling: Peppermint. I’m a Dr Bronners junkie and I smell minty all the time now.

Wearing: Lots of layers, merino and my ugg boots. It’s a cold wee winter here in Melbourne this year.

Noticing: An increase in engagement on the old blog here. I’ve mixed up the format and all my old commenters are coming back. It’s just lovely to see you all.

Thinking: How nice being a grown up is. I love pottering around in my house, cleaning, cooking, snuggling down into my crispy sheets and and making lovely healthy meals.

Admiring: Molla Mills as always! Cecelia Pecola is awesome as usual and my mate Sonia who’s doing fucking great stuff over in her corner of the webs. Top chicks being tops.

Getting: Mad at people who put mandarins in plastic bags at the supermarket. They have a protective skin you peel off! Come on people, get with the program.

Bookmarking: Handmade by Caroline. Cannot get enough of her, she makes her own clothes but not in dowdy stole-the-curtains kind of way, everything she makes is so stylish. Love her.

life changing

Opening: So many parcels containing granny squares for my Vision in Blue blanket. If you’re keen to donate a square – get on it!  Also if you don’t know how to crochet, don’t stress – there’s a 7 day free trial on offer right now! 

Closing: My first ever bank account. It’s really sad but it has to be done. Sob!

Feeling: Good. Things are good. Working hard, sorting some business things out but all in all, things are good.

Hearing: Not much at all. Our noisy, smoking neighbour has stopped smoking and there fore is no longer noisy on the balcony so it’s awesome. We have our window open all the time now, it’s lovely.

Celebrating: Mr Smaggle’s birthday, Mama Smaggle’s birthday, many, many pregnancies and finally finishing a crochet blanket that took FOREVER To make but it’s totally gorgeous so it’s worth it.

Pretending: To be dairy free when I’m not. I try and try to give up dairy but I just can’t live without milk in my tea. I love it so.

As always this charming little list is from Pip Lincolne at Meet Me At Mike’s. If you want to do your own be sure to credit her if you do! You can even just do it in the comments if you like!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

So how are you? What have you been up to? Pick a few questions (or all of them!) and let me know!

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  1. Mackenzie 3 years ago

    Mexican taco bowls are a favourite recipe of mine as well! I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and I haven’t commented before, but I wanted to tell you how fantastic all the content you post is! Your advice is always spot on, and I appreciate how honest you are when you talk about your life. Keep up the absolute AWESOMENESS!!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 3 years ago

      Oh you’re so lovely thank you so much! It’s so nice of you to take the time to comment. I really appreciate it! And yes, I have no filter! 🙂

  2. Hi beautiful Miss Carly

    I love all your writing! I am so slack I get side tracked and forget to comment. I am also now about to do my own taking stock I keep reading yours and others including Pip’s all over the interwebs and fb and I keep meaning to do it but I have now made a commitment to me that I am going to do it every month even if it is a completely boring month.

    Cat xoxo

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 3 years ago

      Oh you’re so lovey thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. It absolutely makes my day!

  3. Hannah 3 years ago

    I enjoyed reading through that list. Your hair is wondrous. Would you mind sharing who your hairdresser is? I’m on a never ending search for a good curly hair dresser.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 3 years ago

      The last place I went was Mane and Maine in Sydney. She’s great and has excellent cats.

  4. Kathryn OHalloran 3 years ago

    I found when I lost weight I was constantly cold. It stablises after a while 🙂

    It’s weird getting emotional over closing a bank account. I had a CBA account my granddad started for me when I was born and it was really sad when I had to close it.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 3 years ago

      Honesty I’m about to kill ANZ. They’re credit card application system is out of control.

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