Lifestyles of the rich and the famous…

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous…
Carly Jacobs

On Saturday night Mr Smaggle and I went to his best mate’s 21st birthday party. It was a costume party and the theme was ‘What did you want to be when you grew up?’. For me the costume choice was fairly easy… I went as ‘famous’. It was a sort of Lindsay Posh Katie Hilton kind of look. It’s rather sad but at the age of 12 it appears that my life goal was to appear on the cover of Who magazine. Mr Smaggle went as Richard Branson. We are going to be very happy together…

Here are some paparazzi shots that Mr Smaggle took of me in the hotel that was next to the bar. I’m not showing my face because I was wretchedly drunk. I’m also terribly famous and important…

* One Teaspoon t-shirt (Mischa Barton has one just like it…)

* Scarf from Sportsgirl

* Jeans from Jag

* Shoes from Shoe Biz

* ‘It’ bag… I stole it from Mama Smaggle

* Hat from FCUK

* Fake Louis Vuitton from my friend Fliss

* Pink breast cancer toy dog. Mama Smaggle bought it for me for the party and Mr Squiggle (Mr Smaggle’s brother) took quite a liking to it so I gave it to him at the end of the night. He named it Booby.

* Bracelets Smaggle Made

* Cocktail ring from Diva

* Big arse Starbucks latte. Double espresso, non-fat milk latte laced with amphetamines and sugar free sweeter.

Oh and I Smaggled some ladies for you! These two were too adorable not to share…

Okay who didn’t want to be The Little Mermaid? Isn’t she perfect?

A Japanese school girl. Cute-ness factor of around 5 billion points.

There were so many delicious costumes. There was an Inspector Gadget, a very convincing Mario from Mario Bros, a priest, a first female Prime Minister of Australia and an alarming number of Trophy Wives – girls all dressed up with name tags that said ‘Mrs Murdoch’ or ‘Mrs Packer’. It was a lovely evening that flew by in a blur of gin and match making shenanigans.

Then yesterday Mr Smaggle, Mr Squiggle and I went shopping for fridges but there is no daily outfit photo because after Saturday night I looked like a total trashbag…

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Love Lady Smaggle






  1. princessnaea 9 years ago

    Um. I don;t want to say anything necessarily, but apart from the Vuitton-dog-carrier, this outfit *kinda* resembles what you wear ordinarily.
    Should we extrapolate that Lady Smaggle dresses like a celebrity all the time? 😉

  2. Nadine 9 years ago

    Oh your shirt is great and I adore the mermaid lady.

  3. Fliss Q 9 years ago

    You are a Superstar. The Starbucks coffee tops the outfit off for me! – along with the “No photos please” tilt of the head.

  4. Lady Smaggle 9 years ago

    Na – Oh I don’t dress like that all the time! Although I like that you think I look like a celebrity…

    Nadine – thanks. She gorgeous isn’t she?

    Fliss – Superstar! I am so fitness…

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