Lingerie: What I’m Wearing Right Now

Lingerie: What I’m Wearing Right Now
Carly Jacobs

I had dinner with my mate on Friday night and she was telling me how she ordered some ‘lingerie’ online recently. Then she started laughing and said ‘Lingerie? What the hell am I talking about? I ordered 5 pairs of seamless undies and nude t-shirt bra! So not lingerie’.

Lingerie technically just means women’s underwear but to me it means fancy women’s underwear of which I own precisely none. I don’t ‘lingerie’, I ‘undies’. Lace is itchy and you can see it under everything. I don’t even like undies with lace edges. I adore lace – I just don’t want it touching my skin. Even soft lace makes my skin crawl. I can safely say I will never wear a g-string ever again for the rest of my life. My chunky little teenage butt spent more than enough time in nude seamless g-strings during dancing concerts and theatre shows to ever have to revisit that again. I’m not into boy leg shorts – they seem to ride up my ass immediately. I used to love a full cotton brief but I’ve recently switched back to bikini briefs because randomly they show less VPL on me at the moment than full briefs. Go figure right? Must be all those planks I’ve been doing.

I bloody love a good underwear recommendation so here’s what I’m wearing at the moment…

Oh and a caveat – I’m a size 14 with B to C cup boobs. I have a very easy body to buy bras and undies for so (jeans though, not so much) if you have giant knockers or you’re a wee sprightly thing, these suggestions might not do much for you.

5 Pack Bikini Briefs from K-Mart


I’ve been trying to be more socially conscious and buy quality, ethical clothing but I just can’t on the underwear. I spent $30 on a pair of organic, kissed by free range kittens and blessed by quinoa gods underwear recently and they SUCK! These are my favourite. Two five-packs will last me at least two years which is pretty decent for undies I’m wearing everyday. They get so soft and lovely with every wash and I can’t find ethical ones I like as much. I’ll keep looking but in the mean time spending $10 on underwear that gets used until it falls apart is much better than spending $30 on underwear that just sits in my drawer.

Nancy Ganz Body Architect Slip


I’ve had three of these in my life and they are amazing. Shape wear that has the bra built in is a dream. No VPL anywhere to be seen and it’s perfect for travel. I usually go up a size in shape wear because I wear it for smoothing not shaping but the size 14 in this is perfect for me. I have one in black and nude and they’re almost all I wear. You can also change up the straps – I wear these strapless in summer and they work under everything.

Berlei Barely There Bras 


These bras are the absolute bomb. I have two in black and one in nude and that’s pretty much a full set for me. I don’t have any other bras and certainly not fancy ones. The nude ones are hard to come by (they sell out fast) but don’t let anyone talk you into getting baby pink instead of nude. It’s not the same thing. Hold out for nude my friend and you won’t regret it. These also wash and wear beautifully. After a few months they turn in to the softest most comfortable bra you’ve ever worn.

Cotton Racer Back Bras 


I’m not fussy on brands for this but I like the Bonds ones. I could live without ‘Bonds’ being printed around the band but they’re comfy so I’ll forgive them. I have modest size boobs (B to C) so soft cotton bras are my go to for every day, at home wear. I’ll pop on a grown ups bra if I’m leaving the house or I need to lift the puppies up a little for a night out but otherwise it’s cotton racer backs all the way. I also wear cotton racer back singlets to bed because I can’t handle straps falling off my shoulders in the night. I have a lot of clothing comfort issues.

Firming Cami Tops


I wear these on the rare occasion that I wear pants. I’ll tuck them into my undies to get a nice clean silhouette in jeans and pants. It’s also great for extra warmth in winter.

What are your underwear staples? Favourite brands? What do you wear every day?

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  1. Holly 11 months ago

    Hi Carly…I clicked on the Bonds and it took me through to Target…but they aren’t racer back? I’m asking because I have narrow shoulders and my life is a quest for comfortable, racer back, no underwire bras. Got some at Best and Less randomly, but they only come in grey and are synthetic. Need something for sleeping esp. ta Holly

  2. Lizzie 11 months ago

    Berlei Barely There forever! I stopped wasting my time and money on even looking at other bras a couple of years ago and i havent looked back.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      They’re so good – I buy 2 every few years and they last for ages.

  3. Natalie 11 months ago

    Pretty much 90% of my underwear is from Best and Less, which my Mum thinks is hilarious because she used to have to drag me in there when I was younger. As a 20c, it can be hard finding the right bra, but they have a great T-shirt bra that I have in 4 colours now!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I’ve had a few people mention Best and Lest and it’s mind blowing because I haven’t ever seen one in Melbourne. I haven’t sought them out or anything but now I’m like ‘Where are all the Best and Less stores?’

  4. MissyD 11 months ago

    I’m a size E cup, so a couple of years ago I got measured by a proper bra store (that’s all they do) and I’ve never looked back. Changes everything about how I look. Unfortunately for me, to get a good fitting bra for my size means forking out the mula. 🙁

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I quite randomly come from a family of very big boobs (mine are literally the smallest), so I don’t know what happened there but I’m super grateful. I’ve never wished for bigger boobs, they seem expensive and kind of annoying. I rarely think about my boobs, they’re such a non-issue.

  5. Louise 11 months ago

    My favourite underwear hands down are the Jockey Parisienne. I hold out for a sale at Myer and splurge. They are so comfortable despite having a little lace edge. Plus they come in all cuts, nice patterns and having matching camis. I also love Berlei bras. I think mine are the tshirt style and have the lace overlay. They always give such a nice smooth shape and are really comfortable! I also wear a seamfree camisole daily because I get cold and I can’t stand sheer tops 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      Me too! I’m a real seam free slip/cami kind of a gal. Hate VPL and people knowing what undies I’m wearing.

  6. Kathryn OHalloran 11 months ago

    I’ve found City Chic the best for larger size bras especially their plain t-shirt bras. I’ve got a bamboo crop bra which is great for travel and gives better support than you’d think (I’m a D/DD cup). I think I got it from Bella Bodies. I really should wear it when I’m working at home rather than go braless 🙁

    I stocked up on pricey bamboo gut controlling knickers as Chrissie presents but I’ve had stomach problems and can’t wear them!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      Yes! Cotton crop bras are the best – I want to find some in different cool cuts to wear under my crocheted clothes.

  7. Michaela 11 months ago

    I’m a D cup with a super tiny abdomen so trying to find bras that fit snugly around my body AND accommodate my boobs is a nightmare. I certainly can’t find my size at the average department store, that’s for sure, and once in a blue moon Victoria’s secret has something in my size I’d actually leave the house wearing AND can afford.

    I live in sports bras. ;_;

  8. Kristen 11 months ago

    I live in Calvin Klein undies and Bali bras these days. Don’t own a sex piece of anything lol.

  9. Hayley 10 months ago

    Intimo bras are my favourite!

  10. JulesG 10 months ago

    I have the same ethics vs finances discussion with myself. I’ve settled on Boody bamboo – $15 a pop is still ridiculous (esp compared to 40c at Best&Less!!) but as they are super comfortable and fit my butt, easy-wash and long-lasting, the relationship is tolerable. I’m really curious about shapewear (I am shapewear-ignorant), Carly – you wear it everyday, or just for ‘going out’?

  11. Brava Lingerie 9 months ago

    Nice post!!! Thanks for sharing.

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