How To Not Lose Your Mind This Christmas

How To Not Lose Your Mind This Christmas
Carly Jacobs

ow do you feel about Christmas? Do you really look forward to it? Or is it a bit stressful for you?

I honestly love Christmas and I have two big families (my mum’s and dad’s) and one little family (Mr Smaggle’s) that I see varying combinations of every year so it’s always lovely. The only thing that’s stressful is the travel. We live quite far away from everyone so there’s always a lot of car trips, airport visits and sleeping on mattresses on floors. Which is all fine but it always feels quite busy and stressful. These are a few things I like to keep in mind around Christmas time so I don’t totally lose my shit.

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1. Make sensible food choices whenever you can and make exercise a priority

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you have to eat from the moment you wake to the moment you go to sleep every day from December to January. Any time you CAN make a good food choice, do it. There will plenty of times when you don’t have any choice but to eat a delicious lasagne so own it and love it but if you can order salad, do it. I also always take my runners with me every where I go so I can do at home work outs or at least go for a walk up a hill. Too much food and booze always makes me feel yucky and nice big walk is the perfect cure.

2. Keep it simple stupid

Don’t try to to do anything complicated. Simple presents, simple food, simple outfits, simple planning. Unless you really, really love cooking don’t try and make a crazy rainbow layer cake for Christmas day. Someone needs to bring chips, dip, ready made snacks and paper cups. If you’re traveling – be that person. Don’t try to transport complicated things on Christmas day. As for gifts – L’occitane hand cream for the ladies and Happy Socks for dudes. Done. Useful, adorable and readily available. Tip – most dudes also like hand cream and ladies also like socks.

3. Take time to enjoy yourself

Don’t over book yourself and don’t feel like you have to spend all day with your families. Mr Smaggle and I have left Christmas ‘early’ the last few years to grab a cheap and cheerful dinner by ourselves on Christmas evening and it’s been bliss. We don’t feel guilty – its our own little Christmas celebration and after days of being surrounded by other people (both of my families are very big and loud!), we’re pretty keen to chill out and be quiet in our own little world.

This week on Straight & Curly, Kelly and I are talking about Christmas and how to survive it!

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Do you have any amazing Christmas tips to share? How do you survive the silly season?


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P.S Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? 


  1. Kate 1 year ago

    Great tips. Christmas always stresses me out and i cant wait for it to be over. But ive used your tips and shopping was so much quicker, ive also edited the food list heaps.
    Thanks for the great tips all year.
    Have a fun silly season.
    Cheers Kate

  2. Kate 1 year ago

    Some great tips here, that I am following. Xmas for me is usually the most stressful time of the year, overthinking, worrying it’s all not enough etc. Not this year I’ve remembered things that you and Kelly have shared during the year and I’ve pared everything back. Keeping it simple.
    I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts this year so I’m really hoping you will be back next year with more good advice and laughs.
    cheers Kate

    Ps I did try to leave a comment from my mobile so if you end up with 2 from me sorry.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      Ha! Yes I did two but no worries double the fun! Thank you so much – we’ll be back in the New Year with more S&C stuff! xxx

  3. Harlow 1 year ago

    As lovely as Christmas is, it is downright fucking stressful too! This year my husband and I are doing the same as you and Mr Smaggle and having our own ‘Christmas’ celebration on Christmas Eve so that we can enjoy a nice quiet meal. The actual day usually really triggers my anxiety because of how crowded and noisy things tend to get! I’m also a highly strung Christmas snob and have very high expectations for Christmas food but because I’m not hosting Christmas this year I am putting my own pre-Christmas meal on to save on feeling disappointed on the actual day when the food at our relatives doesn’t live up to my expectations.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      Yes! I’m so glad it’s over. I actually just slept for 12 hours. Needed a big recovery sleep!

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